Ask A Student

The best resources on the Bowdoin student experience are Bowdoin students themselves.

We encourage you to have ongoing contact with a current Bowdoin student, one who has first-hand insight and can tell you about the professors, the course load, campus housing, the social life, the ins-and-outs. The students below are available via email at

Benjamin Bousquet

Benjamin Bousquet

Hometown: Mystic, CT
Major: History
Minor: English

Involvements: George J. Mitchell Special Collections and Archives, Hawthorne-Longfellow Library Circulation Desk, Bowdoin College Concert Band, Admissions Tour Guide, History Teaching Assistant, Programming Chair of MacMillan House, Fencing Club

How I Found Bowdoin: I knew early in my college search that I wanted a small, tight-knit community, so I looked through a variety of college guidebooks to find schools that fit this description. Through these Bowdoin stood out as a place where I would be able to really grow as a student and thrive socially, so I came to interview and eventually stayed for an overnight visit. After that visit I knew Bowdoin was the ideal fit for me due to the collaborative nature of the students and the high levels of engagement I saw across campus, and everything fell into place from there!

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Alex Ontogtokh

Alex Ontogtokh

Hometown: Des Plaines, IL
Major: Government & Legal Studies
Minor: History

Involvements: Programming Chair for Reed House, Blogging Buddies, Mentor for Brunswick High School, Asian Students Alliance, Admissions Tour Guide, Student Admissions Volunteer Organization, Tea Club

How I Found Bowdoin: I saw a Bowdoin pennant outside my college counselor's office and was intrigued by how to pronounce it. This curiosity led me to do some research on Bowdoin and by college application season, I was convinced that Bowdoin was the college for me. In the fall of my senior year in high school, I applied to Explore Bowdoin and spent three days at Bowdoin. By the end of Explore Bowdoin, I knew Bowdoin was my home and applied to this wonderful school!

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Julia O'Rourke

Julia O'Rourke

Hometown: Marion, MA
Majors: English and Education
Government & Legal Studies

Involvements: Proctor of Reed House & Head RA for Residential Life, Captain of the Cross Country, Indoor, & Outdoor Track Teams, Bowdoin Orient Editor, Orientation Coordinator, Admissions Senior Interviewer & Admitted Students Weekend Coordinator

How I Found Bowdoin: It became clear to me throughout my college search that I wanted to be able to continue participating in sports in college without sacrificing my other interests and activities, so a Division III college seemed like the right fit for me. I also knew that I wanted to be in New England so I wasn’t too far from home so my dad took me to lots of colleges in the region. Throughout the touring process, I felt anxious and not excited. But after my Bowdoin visit I was eager and more hopeful. The people here were friendly, the campus and town were beautiful, and as cliché as it sounds, I had a feeling that this would be the place for me. Eventually, I decided to apply Early Decision!

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Dean Zucconi

Dean Zucconi

Hometown: Larkspur, CA
Majors: Chemistry, Italian Studies
Minor: Theater

Involvements: Residential Life, Admissions Senior Interviewer, Intramural Soccer, Member and Contributor to The Quill (on-campus literary magazine), Moulton Dining Hall Student Manager, Bartender at Jack McGee's Pub

How I Found Bowdoin: As I started my college search, a couple things were immediately clear to me: I wanted to go to a small, liberal-arts school because I knew that I thrived in smaller academic settings and that I wanted to have the freedom to explore disparate departments during my time in college.  Having lived and been raised in a town outside of San Francisco for most of my life, I also knew that I wanted to experience an area of the United States that was foreign to me.  A high school friend who had ties to Maine initially put Bowdoin on my radar, and my high school Chemistry teacher, who is a Bowdoin alumna, conveyed an outstanding enthusiasm about the college.  I decided to apply to Bowdoin since it fulfilled much of what I searched for in a college, and the rest is history! 

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