Resources and Facilities. Student Fellowships and Research

The Office of Student Fellowships and Research connects Bowdoin students to merit-based academic experiences. Often, the application forms for these merit-based scholarships and fellowships require applicants to concisely articulate their past experiences, interests, and future aspirations. While sometimes challenging, this requirement encourages students to undergo a process of self-assessment and self-development. The Office of Student Fellowships and Research is committed to making the application process a worthwhile learning experience for all students, regardless of whether a fellowship is awarded.

The Office of Student Fellowships and Research works with students and alumni to identify and to apply for relevant nationally competitive fellowships and scholarships such as Fulbright, Marshall, Rhodes, and Watson. Numerous Bowdoin students receive these prestigious awards each year, enabling them to engage in a variety of activities including spending time overseas, conducting independent research, receiving support toward their undergraduate tuition, and attending graduate school.

The Office of Student Fellowships and Research also strives to inform all Bowdoin students about undergraduate research opportunities, primarily at Bowdoin, but also at institutions across the country. Each year the College awards Bowdoin research fellowships to more than 200 Bowdoin students to carry out faculty-mentored research across all disciplines. A Bowdoin research fellowship allows a student to delve deeply into a research question and can lead to an enhanced independent study or honors project, coauthoring a paper with a faculty mentor, or presenting findings at a professional meeting. These research experiences enrich students’ undergraduate experience, make students more competitive for entrance to graduate school, and prepare students to successfully undertake graduate study.