Virtual Walkthroughs

Head off the beaten path with these 3D walkthroughs of Bowdoin buildings.

Hubbard Hall

Located on the south side of the Quad, Hubbard Hall (1903) was once the College’s library and is now the site of the economics, government and legal studies, and history departments; some information technology offices; the library’s Susan Dwight Bliss Room, which houses a small collection of rare illustrated books; and the Shannon Room and Pickering Room, which both serve as multipurpose classroom and meeting spaces.

Portraits of Bowdoin's fourteen previous presidents are exhibited on the second floor. The south wing of Hubbard Hall is connected to the library and contains book stacks and a study room. A carved replica of the building’s original gargoyle now looms atop Hubbard Hall.

Roux Center for the Environment

Completed in 2018, the Roux Center for the Environment supports faculty and students across the environmental disciplines at Bowdoin College. Its design is intended to facilitate a new way of teaching, learning and scholarship.

Peter Buck Center for Health and Fitness

The Buck Center is home to Bowdoin's athletic departments, as well as Health Services. The facility features locker rooms, cardiovascular and strength training equipment, free weights, a rock climbing wall, and multipurpose spaces used for classes and meetings.

Park Row Apartments

Completed in 2019, Park Row offers suite-style units are in blocks of four, six and eight students with single bedrooms, a kitchen, and large common areas for eating and socializing. Each structure is three stories high and roughly 11,000 square feet.

Dining Facilities

Thorne Hall

Bowdoin's largest dining facility, Thorne Hall, has soaring ceilings, avant-garde lighting, wooden refectory tables and views of the tall pines that tower over the campus. Formerly known as Wentworth Hall, it is connected to the sixteen-story Coles Tower residence.

Moulton Union

Completed in 1928, Moulton Union contains the offices of the dean of student affairs, career exploration and development, student fellowships and research, and off-campus study, as well as dining facilities and several conference rooms and lounges.


In the center of the east side of the Quad is the Chapel, designed by Richard Upjohn and built between 1845 and 1855—a Romanesque church of undressed granite with twin towers and spires that rise to a height of 118 feet. A restoration of the historic Chapel interior was completed in 1997–98, and restoration of the Chapel towers was completed in 2004. Offices for the Joseph McKeen Center for the Common Good and the THRIVE program are currently located in Banister Hall, the section of the Chapel building originally used for the College’s library and art collection.

Smith Union

As the hub of campus life, the David Saul Smith Union houses the Bowdoin Store, café, Jack Magee’s Pub, mail center, game room, C-Store, Delta Sigma/Delta Upsilon Band Practice Rooms, Lamarche Gallery, and the Blue Gallery.