Writing Assistant Selection Process

Writing Assistants are selected on the basis of their writing, reading, analytical, and oral communication skills. Potential Writing Assistants are nominated by professors and/or peers in February. Self-nominations are also accepted. All nominees are invited to apply.

Interested nominees submit their applications in early March, before Spring Break. Finalists interview with the Director of the Writing Project and one or two current Writing Assistants shortly after Spring Break.

Outside Kanbar Hall at Bowdoin College

Candidates are notified before registration begins whether they have been chosen as Writing Assistants in Training (WAIT) for the fall.

All WAITs enroll in a training seminar in the Fall Semester following their selection. This course, Education 251: The Teaching of Writing: Theory and Practice explores theories and methods of teaching writing, emphasizing collaborative learning and peer tutoring. Examines relationships between the writing process and the written product, writing and learning, and language and communities. Investigates disciplinary writing conventions, influences of gender and culture on language and learning, and concerns of ESL and learning-disabled writers. Students practice and reflect on revising, responding to others' writing, and conducting conferences.

writing project photo fall 2015

Potential candidates may want to speak with the Director of the Writing Project, Kathleen O'Connor (x3760), or ask an experienced Writing Assistant about the position.

writing assistant class outside kanbar