Writing Partnerships

A Writing Partnership is a semester-long writing tutorial that focuses on the individual needs of a writer. A partnership gives a student the opportunity to work with a trained peer on writing assignments in any or all of the writer's courses and at any stage of the writing process.

bowdoin students working on a paper

Writers may meet with their Writing Partners as often as they like, although a regular meeting yields the best results. Some students prefer to work solely on completed drafts of their papers.  Others benefit from several conferences that guide them from the first step of brainstorming ideas to planning a draft to revising through the final stages of proofreading and editing.

Students interested in working with a Writing Partner should speak with a Dean of Student Affairs and ask for a referral to the Writing Project, or they may contact the Director of the Writing Project directly. Partnerships begin early in the semester so that the partners have time to develop a productive working relationship and can focus on the writer's process as well as particular papers.

Diana and Walt

"[My writing partner] and I have been keeping up with our weekly meetings for the most part and she has been integral in my brainstorm and outline process which is where I needed help the most. I am looking forward to growing more in my writing over the semester with [her] help.." (Student, 2015)

"I love working with [my writing partner]. I think my writing is improving....I am very grateful for the opportunity to have a writing partner." (Student, 2015)

"My writing partnership as usual has helped me a lot. Having an extra set of eyes makes writing so much easier for me." (Student, 2014)