The Writing Workshop - Conference Reservations

You can review your currently reserved sessions and reserve or cancel a conference by clicking on "Make an Appointment" below.

You must cancel by noon of the day of your conference, or you will be considered a "no-show." If you fail to show up for two conferences without canceling in time, you will be blocked from reserving conferences in advance, although you may drop in for a conference on any evening as time permits. If you arrive more than ten minutes late, your conference slot may be assigned to a waiting writer.

If your paper is longer than seven pages, please sign up for two consecutive conferences with the same Writing Assistant. Please do not sign up for more than two consecutive slots. If your paper is longer than 15 pages, you should come in on more than one evening.

For help with a paper in a Romance language (in a course beyond 2204), contact Tammis Donovan (X3006) or Morten Hansen (X3760), who will help you find conference slots with Writing Assistants who can read those languages.

If you want a Writing Assistant to read a draft, print it out before you arrive. Please also bring a printed copy of your assignment if you have one.

Writing Assistants do not help with exams, tests, or quizzes, even open-book or take-home exams.

Link to online CLT appointment calendar for Writing Assistants, Q-Tutors and Baldwin Mentors

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