Weather Emergencies Information 

As we prepare for the Maine winter, the following outlines the College’s policy and procedures for weather-related emergencies. Bowdoin is a residential college, and employees and students should generally presume that classes will meet and that all essential services (dining, facilities, security, etc.) will remain in operation. In extreme weather conditions, it may be necessary to declare a weather emergency requiring only “essential” employees to report to work. All managers and supervisors will review their staff lists in order to identify the “essential” employees in their departments and inform them of specific department expectations. Faculty members should attempt to notify students through their departments and class email lists if a class is canceled and schedule a make-up class when possible. If a class is cancelled, faculty members should also notify the Office of Communications and Public Affairs (instructions below) to have class cancellation information posted in the announcements section of the College home page. Since weather conditions can change rapidly, a declared weather emergency overnight or in the morning may not affect campus events later in the day or evening. See information below about event cancellation notifications. 

1. Announcements

Announcements that Bowdoin College has declared a weather emergency will be broadcast over: 

Campus-wide communication Emergency weather-related closing information will be conveyed via phone and email using Blackboard Connect. Employees home or cell phones on file for emergency notifications will receive a phone alert at approximately 5:30 a.m. for announcements made prior to regular weekday shifts. Students will be notified via email only.


Weather Alerts Line Employees should call the Weather Alerts Line for specific information about delays or closures at 207-725-3000, then select option 3. If additional work shifts are affected by a closing announcement, updated information will be made available via the Weather Alerts Line.

The Communications Center (ext. 3314) will be kept advised but should be called only if the above methods are unavailable.

2. Parking Bans

The Office of Safety and Security will notify the campus community of snow parking bans via email. Parking bans will be in effect during the day of and the day after snowstorms from midnight to 6:00 a.m. for snow removal. Vehicles parked in the following areas during a parking ban may be towed at the owner’s expense:

  • Admissions (Burton-Little)
  • Ashby House
  • Burnett House
  • Chamberlain Lot (South Street)
  • Cleaveland Street Lot
  • Coffin Street (visitor/employee lot)
  • Coles Tower Drive and Circle
  • Dayton Lot (east side of Smith Union)
  • Dudley Coe Lot
  • Helmreich House
  • Howell House
  • Lancaster Lot (behind Asian Studies)
  • MacMillan House
  • North Campus Drive and Circle
  • Polar Loop Lots (east side of Druckenmiller Hall)
  • Quinby House
  • South Campus Drive and Circle
  • Rhodes Hall (front and rear lots)
  • Russwurm/Afro-Am Lot
  • Stowe Inn (upper lot only)

3. Event Cancellations

If weather conditions make it necessary to cancel or postpone a campus event, the event presenter must notify:

During office hours: Campus Scheduling Office (ext. 3433; if the cancellation occurs Monday–Friday, between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., so that room reservations and related services (Dining, AV, etc.) can be canceled.

During non-office hours: If the decision to cancel the event occurs on the weekend or at night, when the Campus Scheduler is not available, the event presenter must contact individual campus offices that provide services, such as Facilities Management, AV Services, Dining Service, and Security.

Refer to your scheduling confirmation sheet for these service providers’ contact information.

To publicize to the campus and the public that an event has been canceled or postponed, contact Doug Cook in the Office of Communications and Public Affairs (; ext. 3964).

Faculty should contact Doug Cook in the Office of Communications and Public Affairs (; ext. 3964) to have class cancellation information posted to the announcements section of the Bowdoin home page.

4. Payroll

Specific payroll procedures will be distributed as needed in the event of closing.

5. Questions?

Contact the Office of the Treasurer at ext. 3242.

Revised November 2017