Methods of Purchasing

Purchasing with a College Purchase Order

College purchase orders are used by some departments to track expenses and are required by some vendors to guarantee payment.  Purchase orders are available to departments on an as needed basis.  To obtain purchase orders please call Jim Kelley in the Treasurer’s Office at 725-3115.  Remember issuing a purchase order for goods or services is an authorization to the vendor to provide the goods or services ordered.  

Purchasing with a College Credit Card

The College credit card is issued to provide a convenient manner for making purchases and business travel expenses. College credit cards are issued to employees who are responsible for making purchases or who travel regularly. The card is to be used for College business purchases of goods only.  Purchases of services are not permitted.  Please remember to provide the vendor with a tax exempt certificate when making your purchase.

How to request a College Credit Card

Credit card requests should be sent by the employee's manager to the respective Senior Officer for approval.  The Senior Officer's approval is then forwarded to so the card may be issued by the Treasurer's Office.

For more information and policies related to the use of College credit cards please visit: