Using Tax Exemptions

The College is exempt from sales tax in several states.  By using the tax exemptions employees save the College thousands of dollars per year.

Purchases using tax exempt forms

Employees may use tax exempt forms when they are purchasing goods on behalf of the College with College funds by using checks, purchase orders and credit cards.  You can not use the exemption if you are purchasing goods for the College with your own funds.

Maine Exemptions

Using the Maine Exemption Form is easy. Simply type the name of the store and the date on the form and fill in the description of goods.  If you are purchasing supplies for the College, you are an authorized signer.

Vendors will most likely require an exemption certificate for each purchase.

Maine Exemption Form

Out of State Exemptions

The College has exemptions in the following states:

Colorado Florida Illinois
Massachussettes Minnesota Mississippi
New York North Dakota Wisconsin

Tax Exempt Certificate

Hotel Exemptions

In most of the states listed above you can use the exemption.  As an example, if you were staying at a hotel in New York you would be able to use the New York exemption certificate.  New York sales tax charged for one night's lodging can cost between $26 and $47 per room.