Exam Policy

(from the Conduct of Instruction for Faculty in the Faculty Handbook)

1. Hourly Examinations

  • No student is required to take more than two hour examinations in one day. By the same token, a maximum of two hour examinations is not considered unreasonable, and a student may not be excused from an examination on the grounds that he or she has two on one day. If a student has more than two examinations on one day the Dean of Students will make the necessary arrangements.

  • A faculty member has the option to require an excuse from the Dean’s Office before giving a make-up of an hour examination.

2. Religious Holidays

  • No student is required to take an examination or fulfill other scheduled course requirements on recognized religious holidays or Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Instructors are encouraged to avoid scheduling examinations on major religious holidays. Students are expected to declare their intention to observe religious holidays at the beginning of the semester. A list of holidays will be provided each year by the Dean of Students.

3. Final Examinations and Projects

  • Formal examinations must be given according to the schedule published each semester by the Office of the Registrar.

  • No examinations may be given nor extra classes scheduled during Reading Period.

  • A student with three final examinations in two days may reschedule one for a date mutually agreeable to the student and the instructor. Other changes may be made for emergencies or for educational desirability, but only with approval of the Office of the Dean of Students.

  • All academic work – except for final examinations, final papers, final lab reports, and final projects – is due on or before the last day of classes. All final academic work, including final examinations, final papers, final lab reports, and final projects, is due at or before 5:00 pm on the last day of the final examination period; although instructors may set earlier deadlines, they may not set later deadlines.

  • Faculty assigning final projects in lieu of final examinations should align the due date for projects with the published date/time for their final exam.