The SSAC will appoint committee members to represent all support staff. For example, these will include, if possible, representatives from dining service, facilities management, health services, security, library, academic department coordinators, administrative secretaries, etc. The committee will remind support staff that vacancies become available when terms expire in June and encourage support staff interested in serving on the committee to join.

Members shall serve for up to three academic years. Terms begin at the start of the academic year. Vacancies that occur due to resignations may be filled at the committee's discretion from the list of interested support staff. In advance of their appointment to the committee, new members shall discuss their membership on the SSAC with their supervisors. At the end of the term, a member will retire from the committee. After a full year, former members will become eligible for the committee once again.

Members who are consistently unable to attend meetings of the committee may be replaced at the discretion of the chairperson(s).