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Support Staff Advocacy Committee

The Support Staff Advocacy Committee is a standing committee of the
College that serves as a resource for support staff by facilitating open
lines of communication between the administration and staff. The
Committee is made up of support staff who have volunteered or been
recommended for up to a three-year term.

The SSAC will endeavor to keep abreast of College work life issues that may
affect support staff, propose ways that it can be improved in all areas,
and will reach out as needed with staff to share related information. When
asked, the SSAC will recommend support staff representatives to serve
on college committees and searches as needed, and will coordinate
employee events as appropriate. The SSAC is not meant to take the
place of the Workplace Advisor Program. In its best sense, the
Committee serves as a conduit for the concerns and interests of support
staff, bringing them to the attention of the administration for review,
and as such is a valuable part of the College.

Photo: Tour of the Bowdoin Organic Garden with
Jeremy Tardif during SSAC's sponsored

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