2014 Staff Skate
2014 Staff Skate hosted by the Support Staff Advocacy Committee
and the Bowdoin Administrative Staff

Support Staff Advocacy Committee

The Support Staff Advocacy Committee is a standing committee of the College that serves as a resource for support staff; advises the administration on issues of importance to the staff; and strives to make working at Bowdoin an even more enjoyable and productive experience. The Committee accomplishes this through a range of activities:

  • A forum to bring support staff concerns and interests to the attention of the administration (ie: creation of the Emergency Sick Time Bank)
  • Facilitate open lines of communication between the administration and staff
  • Propose ways to improve College work life
  • Act as a sounding board for administration
  • Recommend support staff representatives to other college committees and searches
  • Responsible for coordination of employee events such as the Fall Social and programming for staff throughout the year


Communications from the SSAC

Professional Development

Professional Development Opportunities

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Community Building

Upcoming Events and Activities


Support Staff Perks