Sills Hall Bowdoin College - Brunsiwck Maine



The Department of Romance Languages and Literatures engages students and faculty in a variety of collaborative pedagogical and research experiences and approaches to further expansive knowledge, understanding and appreciation of Francophone, Italian and Hispanic cultures.

Activities within and beyond the classroom are designed to foster meaningful interaction with those cultures through:

  • Effective and sophisticated communication in French, Italian, and Spanish

  • Direct participation in civic, artistic, and intellectual venues

  • Enjoyment and critical reading of literary works

  • Production of scholarly work using the methods and approaches specific to the disciplines of Francophone, Italian and Hispanic Studies.

Activities beyond the classroom include concerts, lectures and art exhibitions, film showings, language tables, civic engagement, independent research, and department-sponsored trips.  Students are also encouraged to participate in rigorous programs for study abroad in countries where French, Italian and Spanish are spoken.