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Your Bowdoin OneCard is your official college ID card. It provides you with a wide variety of features and benefits on campus.

OneCard Uses

  • Photo ID for all campus events requiring identification
  • OneCard Account:
    • Used to make purchases all over campus.
    • And now off campus too!
  • Meal plans and Polar Points
  • Dorm access and room key
  • Building, classroom, and lab access (select locations)
  • Fitness Center access

Caring for your OneCard

Take good care of your Bowdoin OneCard so that you can take advantage of all that it offers! Don't bend, crack, or punch holes in it - doing so could damage or disable functionality. Carry it with you on campus, and keep it safe. Treat it like you would your debit card or your house keys - after all, on campus your OneCard is both!

Lost Cards

Lost cards should be replaced as quickly as possible, in order to protect the safety of the campus community as well as the security of your OneCard funds. If you're unable to promptly come to the OneCard office for a replacement, report your card lost using the link above, or by calling Bowdoin Security at (207) 725-3314. Reporting your card lost deactivates it remotely; anyone who finds it won't be able to use your meals or funds, nor gain entry to buildings to which you have access.

The replacement fee for lost cards is $15, so take good care of the one you have! If you report your card missing but locate it before having a replacement made, it will need to be reactivated. Please call Bowdoin Security or stop by the OneCard Office to reactivate your reported-missing ID.