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Commute Another Way During Earth Week

Story posted April 12, 2002

The Transportation Subcommittee for a Sustainable Bowdoin is organizing a "Commute Another Way Week" on campus. This five-day event will take place during Earth Week: Monday, April 22 through Friday, April 26.

Bowdoin students, faculty and staff are encouraged to participate. Whether you need to travel between Portland and Brunswick, or just need to get from one end of campus to the other, there are many alternatives to driving solo. By finding another way to commute, you can make a positive impact on the environment.

This is not the first time the campus has mounted a Commute Another Way effort. Click here to read about last June’s Commute Another Way Day.

Every week, Bowdoin employees log a total of 72,800 miles commuting to and from campus. Imagine the positive impact on the environment if that number could be reduced by even 50 percent.

Did you know that there are 386 Bowdoin employees who live in Brunswick? 75 who live in Topsham? 56 who live in Portland? 50 who live in Bath and 45 who live in Harspwell? The opportunities for carpooling are tremendous!

Last year 100 employees participated in "Commute Another Way Day"; this year Bowdoin's goal is to exceed the 200-employee mark.

If you can bike, walk, Rollerblade, carpool or find some other creative way to get to campus on at least one of those five days (and preferably all five) you will be counted as a participant. You might find yourself with a special parking place on campus if you carpool, or be the recipient of a prize for your efforts.

Start making your plans now to commute another way during Earth Week (and beyond), and watch this space for more information in the coming days.

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