Bowdoin Intergroup Dialogue & Facilitation Training Application

What is the program?

Bowdoin’s IGD and Facilitation Training Program is a two-tiered system that aims to use discussions and trainings to equip students with the means to transform the racial climate of the campus. The program aims to empower students to build real community across racial demographics on campus, community that is built on a full understanding of privilege and a commitment to challenging the systems of oppression that create that privilege. The program intends to maintain this community by encouraging dialogue rather than debate, responsibility rather than guilt, and continued commitment and ongoing learning rather than short-term reactionary fixes.

Program Expectations

Participants should possess the following qualities:

  • Openness to having a dialogue about issues surrounding race and ethnicity; openness to sharing personal experiences where one feels comfortable.
  • Commitment to reevaluating personal assumptions about the Bowdoin student body.
  • General enthusiasm and passion for improving the Bowdoin community and fostering social justice on campus.

What do participants do?

IGD participants are a balanced group of students of color and white students who participate in a 7-week Intergroup Dialogue and Facilitation Training Program facilitated by trained Bowdoin staff members. During the program, students will engage in staff-facilitated dialogues about topics related to identity, socialization, intersectionality, privilege, microaggressions, structural inequality, and allyship. Throughout the program, participants share personal experiences, learn from other students, and work together to distill the big ideas of their dialogues into short workshops that they will bring to the rest of the campus.

After the 7-week program, student facilitators continue to meet monthly with staff trainers for refresher trainings, check-ins, and to discuss challenges and accomplishments.

What is the expected time commitment for participants?

  • Spring Semester: One 2-hour session per week, 1-2 readings (less than 10 pages total) per week. 7 sessions will be held from 7:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. on the following Mondays:
    • February 12
    • February 19
    • February 26
    • March 5
    • March 12
    • March 19
    • March 26
    • April 2
    • April 9
  • Continued Commitment: Meet with other trainers once a month, conduct 3-4 two-hour trainings with a partner during the semester (preparation time for the trainings may take 2-3 hours)


Contact Leana Amaez, or (207) 725-3048

Bowdoin Intergroup Dialogue & Facilitation Training Online Application (Spring 2018)

Deadline Monday, February 5th at 5 p.m.