About the Student Center for Multicultural Life

Initiatives and programs

Black Men’s Forum
  • Black male students, faculty and staff members are invited to these gatherings to fellowship, discuss common concerns and get to know one another. This initiative is designed to assist in supporting Black male students at Bowdoin College.
Bowdoin Intergroup Dialogue (IGD) & Facilitation Training Program
  • Two-tiered system that aims to use discussions and trainings to equip students with the means to transform the racial climate of the campus. The program aims to empower students to build real community across racial demographics on campus, community that is built on a full understanding of privilege and a commitment to challenging the systems of oppression that create that privilege. The program intends to maintain this community by encouraging dialogue rather than debate, responsibility rather than guilt, and continued commitment and ongoing learning rather than short-term reactionary fixes.
  • Request a workshop: "Real Talk on Race"
  • Apply to Participate in Intergroup Dialogue (Fall 2018)
  • Apply to Facilitation Training
Multicultural Coalition
  • Multicultural Coalition is the collective of student organizations affiliated with the Student Center for Multicultural Life. Many of these organizations serve underrepresented students, address issues of social justice.  The Coalition also elects the Multicultural Representative that serves on the Bowdoin Student Government as a liaison and advocate for the multicultural organizations and students.  This is a student led process and initiative.

First Generation Student Initiatives

First Generation Student Welcome & Reception
  • This is an opportunity for first-year students and their families to meet for an informal conversations about college life at Bowdoin with current students and support staff members.
Back for the First Time Retreat
  • The retreat is open to all first-year students that identify as a person of color, and or first generation (fall semester). This off-campus experience allows students with similar backgrounds and experiences an opportunity to get to know each other through fun activities and discussions.
First Generation Dinner Series
  • This dinner series provides an opportunity for first-generation staff, faculty and students to talk about their college experiences and share strategies for success in higher education.
First Generation Luncheon
  • This is a celebratory event that recognizes the achievements of first-generation graduating students, while affirming the contributions of their family members and supporters.

Signature Events

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration
  • This celebration recognizes the contributions of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a courageous and radical advocate for social justice, who dedicated his life to improve the living conditions of African Americans and other marginalized communities in the United States. Dr. King’s birthday (National holiday) is January 15th, but due to Winter Break, Bowdoin celebrates his life and contributions in February.
Cultural and Heritage Month Celebrations

Resources and Services

Student Center for Multicultural Life Newsletter
  • The Multicultural Life Community Newsletter is an online publication that is distributed once a week. This newsletter highlight upcoming programs and opportunities provided by student organizations and academic and curricular departments.
  • Please submit newsletter entries to pngu@bowdoin.edu by 12:00pm on Fridays (Program Name, Date, Time, Location, sponsoring organization, associated posters or fliers). Your event will be posted in the following week’s publication.  

Unity in Diversity Fund (UID)

  • The Unity in Diversity Fund was established in the Student Center for Multicultural Life to support events, programs, and initiatives that specifically address issues of multiculturalism, diversity, social justice and campus unity at Bowdoin College. If your program does not fall within the guidelines of the UID Fund, please complete the form and follow up with Benjamin Harris (Director for the Student Center for Multicultural Life) regarding your request. All UID funding requests must be submitted at least 14 days before the proposed event. Any requests involving contracts must be submitted at least 4 weeks before the proposed event.

    Note: This is a limited fund that can only support small programs and events; and due to budgetary constraints and the volume of requests it will be impossible for us to financially fund all programs.
    The SAFC will still serve as the primary source of funding for student organizations.
  • Submit a UID application
  • Submit a Post Program Assessment