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Sending Photographs

Mail photo with your news and the information for the announcement (as above) to:
Class News Editor
Attn: Weddings
Bowdoin Magazine
4104 College Station
Brunswick ME 04011

To submit a digital photo, send your news in a separate e-mail with photo attached (to ensure print quality, images should be supplied at a minimum resolution of 1500 pixels by 1050 pixels, in a .JPG or .TIF format) to modonnel@bowdoin.edu. Please include the date and location of the wedding, list the people in the photograph by name and class year, identify the bride and groom, and note any non-Bowdoinites. Please identify married alumni by their first, maiden, and married names, i.e.: Susan Smith Jones '89.

A limited number of wedding photographs can be printed in each issue of the magazine.


  • Vol 1: September 30
  • Vol 2: December 29
  • Vol 3: March 31