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To submit a photograph, mail it with your news to:
Class News Editor
Bowdoin Magazine
4104 College Station
Brunswick ME 04011

To submit a digital photo, please send your news in a separate e-mail with photo attached (image resolution must be 300dpi, JPEG or TIFF format preferred) to mailto:modonnel@bowdoin.edu. Please identify the people in the photograph by name and class year, and include the date, place, and circumstances of the photo.

Class News Policy:

  • Submit news about yourself. We try to use only first-hand submissions or information that has been published elsewhere.
  • That said, it's fine to mention having seen or done something with a classmate (just be sure to give us more than a nickname to go by, not just "I see Bucky all the time!").
  • We won't print nasty things about a classmate or former spouse, or anybody for that matter. We won't print as Class News your opinions or diatribes; write to bowdoineditor@bowdoin.edu if your thoughts are about something that was covered in the magazine, and a letter to the Bowdoin staff member in charge of your area of concern if not (we'll help you figure that out if you call or email).
  • Don't think your news is not important! Your classmates want to hear what you're up to—really, they do!


  • Vol 1: September 30
  • Vol 2: December 29
  • Vol 3: March 31