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Slideshows: Seascapes and E-scapes, Images of the Coast from Maine to Massachusetts

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Donald King, Senior Audiovisual Specialist in Bowdoin's Office of Information Technology, was an art and media major in college and has "always been interested in the visual arts, especially photography, since a very young age," he says.

"I received my first camera at the age of 7, a Kodak Brownie, and have had so many different models and types of camera’s since then they are too numerous to count.
"Now we live in the digital age of photography with almost limitless options in the manipulation of images. A far cry from working in a darkroom, where it was really dark, to being able to create images while sitting at a computer workstation with the TV on trying any number of effects and filters. Don’t like it? Undo it and start again, or save it for later… limitations are only that of your own imagination
"These digital images were taken over a 4 year period on visits to Cape Cod, Mass. and the coast around Brunswick and Acadia, Maine, and were re-tooled/re-touched using Photoshop Elements 6."

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"All to themselves, Harpswell, Maine",
"Autumn Flow",
"Cuckolds Lighthouse",
"Driftwood Flower, Cundy's Harbor, Maine",
"Idle Skiffs",
"January Clamming",
"Margaret Todd",
"Old Friend, Bailey's Island, Maine",
"Peaceful Season, Cape Cod National Seashore",
"Putting Your Back Into It, Harpswell, Maine",
"Sunday Morning, Bass River, Cape Cod",
"Tide's Out",
"Wedding Ready, Bass River, Cape Cod",
"Eastwind Sail",
"Riding the Eastwind",
"Structured Chaos, Cundy's Harbor, Maine",
"Tidal Pool Snake, Thomas Point Beach, Maine",
"Time Scars, Cadillac Mountain, Acadia National Park, Maine",
"Walking Path",


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