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Marty Roop '58

Hometown: born in Eastport, Maine, grew up and went to school in Millinocket, Maine; have lived in Lisbon Falls, Maine, for 50 years. Bowdoin ties: brother, Dave ’60; niece, Sarah Roop ’00. Bowdoin major: History On baseball: I started playing baseball at age five, and I never really got over loving sports—the game itself (hitting and throwing, the competition, and the camaraderie, resulting in lifelong friendships). One of the young people I coached wrote a book about the heydays of town-team baseball in Maine, and treated me very favorably and that resulted in me being nominated into the Maine Baseball Hall of Fame [inducted in 2010] … Read more »

Posted March 07, 2011


Don Krogstad '65
Professor of Tropical Medicine

Hometown: New Hyde Park, Long Island, New York. Title: Henderson Professor of Tropical Medicine, Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. Bowdoin Major: Biology Bowdoin memory: Having a chance to talk about our work in sub-Saharan Africa on campus last June at our 45th Reunion (in Adams Hall, the building that housed the Maine medical school) was incredibly rewarding because of understanding and support from the alumni who were present for what we are trying to accomplish. Greatest career influence: The most important early influences on my career were John Howland and Sam Butcher at Bowdoin (who gave me a fundamental understanding of both microbiology and chemistry), infectious disease training in Boston (which allowed me to relate basic science to human disease), and early overseas experiences in Haiti and Malawi in 1969-72 and 1973-75 (which made clear the limitations of 1:1 patient care in impoverished countries with overwhelming numbers of persons who have life-threatening illnesses). Greatest challenge: The biggest challenge we have had is the one that we face now in the International Center of Excellence in Malaria Research (ICEMR) – moving from relatively traditional separate studies of the biology of malaria and field work to the long-overdue attempt to link modern molecular biology to malaria control in both sub-Saharan Africa and the laboratories of collaborators in the U.S., U.K., and other non-endemic areas. Most rewarding aspect of job: Time spent working in the field and developing young African investigators is the most important and most rewarding aspect of our work. The human impact of tropical diseases in impoverished rural areas is unforgettable as is the gratitude of the people affected … Read more »

Posted March 07, 2011


Sam Howe '77
Chief Marketing Officer, Time Warner Cable

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois Professional Title: Chief Marketing Officer, Time Warner Cable Bowdoin ties: Daughter Hannah ’09 Bowdoin Major: History Twitter: @howemarketing On the future of cable television: Right now, many people are saying cable is going to be marginalized in the new media world but, as Mark Twain famously said, “reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” As many bundled customers know, cable also offers high-speed data on which a Netflix movie arrives in the home. So cable has an ongoing role to play at least in high-speed data, and even more so when you consider that DVRs (digital video recorders) outsell TiVo 10 to 1. On responding positively to complaints about service: The industry has a ways to go … Read more »

Posted March 07, 2011


Sarah Holloway '88
Management Consultant

Hometown: New York, N.Y. Bowdoin ties: Member of the Class of 1988, with a degree in art history. Current title: Management Consultant to Nonprofits, Foundations and Government; part-time professor at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. Website/blog/Twitter: I am an active emailer and still enjoy talking with friends in person. The most challenging part of my job: Trying to stay focused. So many things interest me that I often get sidetracked … Read more »

Posted March 07, 2011


Brian Farnham '93
Editor-in-Chief of Patch

Hometown: New York City Title: Editor-in-Chief of Patch Bowdoin ties: Just me. And my high school soccer coach, if that counts. Bowdoin Major: English Twitter: @brifar Greatest influence: My older brother, Tom … Read more »

Posted March 07, 2011


Alison Wade '97
Cross Country Coach, Siena College

Hometown: Amherst, Mass. Bowdoin Major: Women's Studies Title: Cross Country Coach, Siena College Greatest influence: My parents always set a high standard and a good example for my sisters and me. They have always supported us, whether or not we meet that high standard. Motivation to start running: I used to dread running the mile in gym class, but once I started training, running got so much easier … Read more »

Posted March 07, 2011


Mark Hendrickson '07
CEO, Plancast

Hometown: Menlo Park, California Title: Co-founder and CEO of a tech startup called Plancast Bowdoin ties: None, but my Dad grew up in Kittery, Maine, and almost went to Bowdoin on scholarship. … Read more »

Posted March 07, 2011