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Profiles: Noel Webb '74


Noel Webb '74
Jazz violinist, actor, composer

Noel Webb '74 credits Bowdoin with changing the course of his musical career. A classically-trained violinist, Noel was playing bridge with his fraternity brothers when a friend handed him some earphones. “It was Black Sabbath, and it blew my mind,” Noel recalls. Rather than abandon his instrument, Noel began experimenting with hard rock and jazz music on his violin, eventually creating a new style that blurred the lines between classical and smooth jazz.

That style would propel him to modest stardom and lead to three albums and several international tours. A well-rounded performer, Noel accepted an acting gig on the popular soap opera General Hospital and did voiceovers for television documentaries in addition to composing trailer scores for films including Butterfly Effect and Seabiscuit.

These days, Noel still has his hands in multiple film projects as co-owner of Spider Cues Music Library, but he says his primary focus hasn’t shifted since his college days. “Of all of things I do, I have to play the violin,” he said. “That’s all I’m going to end up doing.” Luckily, his musical genre doesn’t discriminate against performers over 50. “In jazz and jazz violin you can play until you’re dead,” he said.

Visit www.noelwebb.com for more of Noel’s work. 

Listen to Noel Webb '74 play "The Ride" from his album "Give it All"...
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Posted May 10, 2010