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Profiles: Lisa Lucas '89


Lisa Lucas '89
Television producer, documentary filmmaker

Lisa Lucas '89 is trying to elevate the reality television genre. Her latest project involves a docu-reality competition surrounding art – not bachelors, not clothing, not food. As Co-Executive Producer of the Bravo show, entitled Work of Art: The Next Great Artist, Lucas is thrilled to unveil the finished series this summer. "When this came around I thought, 'now here is something I can relate to.  I have to do this,'" she says. Lucas's previous projects – over 30 TV series which include the popular ABC series The Bachelorette and the Emmy-nominated 1st Look on NBC – helped advance her to the top of her field. "It's been an exciting ride,' she says. "I'm definitely at a turning point in my life right now."

Her next move will be to decide whether to remain in the television business or return to her filmmaking roots. Before her involvement with the prolific reality television business, Lucas was immersed in documentary film projects, including a 1999 film on Benedictine monks living in Abique, New Mexico. Plans are currently in the works for a documentary film following U.S. war veterans using equine therapy to recover from PTSD. Lucas hopes the project, entitled Riders on the Storm, will raise public awareness on the needs of veterans.

Lucas, who credits Bowdoin with nurturing her artistic spirit, said she learned to take creative risks during her college years. "When I graduated I wanted to be a playwright," she says. "Someday I’ll get back to the theatre; I haven’t given up on that dream yet."

Above: Lisa Lucas '89 and her husband Michael James Schroeder at the Academy Awards.

Posted May 10, 2010