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Profiles: Tamara Risser '87


Tamara Risser '87
Regional Continuous Improvement Manager, Poland Springs

While some people claim to have known their career paths as mere toddlers, that was not the case for Tamara Risser '87. "I didn't play 'water factory' as a child," she jokes. Now a 14-year veteran of the Maine-based bottled water company, Tamara splits her time between the Poland Springs and Hollis plants, figuring out ways to streamline production and lessen costs while maintaining ecofriendly practices. One of her recent projects resulted in a 42% cut in oil use at the Hollis plant.

Tamara's foray into the world of water quality testing began with the Maine Drinking Water Program through an EPA funded grant on drinking water disinfection by-products. She enjoyed her interactions with various municipal water treatment organizations throughout the state and gained an appreciation for all the professionals engaged in ensuring the public has safe drinking water. "I find the whole engineering/water chemistry aspects of water treatment fascinating," she admits. Working for a private company presents different challenges but Tamara considers herself fortunate to work for an organization that takes environmental issues seriously and recycles 96% of its waste. "The whole ethos is that we have to take care of the land," she says. "You take it seriously."

Posted November 18, 2009