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Profiles: Michael Wood '06


Michael Wood '06
Stage Actor

As a junior studying abroad in Paris, Michael Wood '06 was a member of the audience for two shows put on by the renowned Théâtre du Soleil. Just a few years later he was on stage himself auditioning for a chance to become a part of the company, an experience Michael compared to a reality television show, in which contestants are eliminated after every round. Over the course of two months, nine hundred actors were whittled down to just eighteen. Although he wasn't selected to join the company, contributing to the creation of the theater's upcoming production was ultimately the grand prize. "It gave me a huge appreciation and a sense of pride that doing theatre isn't something you do in your spare time," Michael said. "It enhanced my own life and the lives of the people and the community around me."

Now back in Maine, Michael is working in Bar Harbor and unwinding after such an exhilarating experience. He intends to pursue theater in the future and is considering teaching and directing in addition to acting. Having the Bowdoin community to come home to was comforting after leaving behind his Boston life for the Paris-based workshop. "Bowdoin was the place that gave me the courage to go do something like that."

Posted November 18, 2009