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Profiles: Matthew Volk '03


Matthew Volk '03
Manager, Programming and Acquisitions, ESPN

"I was kind of busy at Bowdoin," Matthew Volk '03 understates. An All- New England sprinter in indoor and outdoor track, co-chair of Hillel, admissions tour guide, RA, filmmaker and co-general manager of the Bowdoin Cable Network (BCN), Matt's ability to pull off a major in government and legal studies was part of the juggling act. But more than simply keeping him involved, extracurricular activities are what prepared and propelled Matt to his current management position at the nation's largest cable sports network.

Matt is currently in charge of all ESPN/ABC NBA, poker, and volleyball programming, but has worked with nearly every sport during his six-year tenure at ESPN. In addition to planning
every minute of coverage for these sports that will air on ESPN and ABC channels, Matt is also responsible for acquiring media rights. As the 2009 NBA playoffs concluded, Matt explained the rewards of working in the high-profile world of sports television. "I love feeling that I’m a part of something people really care about," he says, adding, "I feel as though I'm living the Bowdoin Cable Network dream."

Posted November 18, 2009