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Profiles: Julia Candice Clark '93


Julia Candice Clark '93
Collections manager, Abbe Museum, volunteer fire fighter

Julia Clark '93 had her career goals lined up at an early age. She spent her childhood decked out in a fireman's helmet and after entering fourth grade, decided she would be an archaeologist. Today, these plans are reality. Julia manages the Abbe Museum's Native American collection on Mount Desert Island and serves as Captain of the volunteer fire department in her hometown of Orland, Maine.

After graduating from Bowdoin with a degree in anthropology, Julia went on to get her master's in archaeology from the University of Arkansas. Upon returning to Maine, her mother suggested she join the fire department, advice she is grateful for. "It suited my interest in doing things that are active and extremely rewarding," she says. Through her job at Abbe Museum, Julia handles collections from Maine's Native American population including contemporary crafts and ancient artifacts. In addition, she runs the museum's archaeological field school and manages exhibits.

Posted June 08, 2007