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Tamara Risser '87
Regional Continuous Improvement Manager, Poland Springs

While some people claim to have known their career paths as mere toddlers, that was not the case for Tamara Risser '87. "I didn't play 'water factory' as a child," she jokes … Read more »

Posted October 18, 2009


Matthew Volk '03
Manager, Programming and Acquisitions, ESPN

"I was kind of busy at Bowdoin," Matthew Volk '03 understates. An All- New England sprinter in indoor and outdoor track, co-chair of Hillel, admissions tour guide, RA, filmmaker and co-general manager of the Bowdoin Cable Network (BCN), Matt's ability to pull off a major in government and legal studies was part of the juggling act … Read more »

Posted October 18, 2009


Alison McConnell ’04
Financial reporter, founder and editor of "The Humble Gourmand"

By day, Alison McConnell '04 covers the complex world of financial markets, reporting real-time news out of the U.S.Treasury, Congress, and the White House for a Washington, D.C., wire service. The economic turmoil has made Alison's job exciting, to say the least … Read more »

Posted October 18, 2009


Michael Wood '06
Stage Actor

As a junior studying abroad in Paris, Michael Wood '06 was a member of the audience for two shows put on by the renowned Théâtre du Soleil. Just a few years later he was on stage himself auditioning for a chance to become a part of the company, an experience Michael compared to a reality television show, in which contestants are eliminated after every round … Read more »

Posted October 18, 2009


Brad Gillis '08
Co-owner, Homegrown Sustainable Sandwich Shop

Brad Gillis '08 is hoping to "turn back the clock," at least when it comes to sandwiches. A self-confessed foodie, Brad and longtime friend Ben Friedman have recently opened Homegrown, a sustainable sandwich shop in Seattle, Washington, that serves local and organic meals with "ingredients you can pronounce." Opening in late March, Homegrown was a project years in the making … Read more »

Posted October 18, 2009


Dr. Thomas Crocker '59
Retired Professor of Environmental Economics

As a high school student in Maine, Thomas Crocker '59 intended to pursue forestry at the state university. Instead, the headmaster at Maine Central Institute in Pittsfield pushed him to apply to Bowdoin, where he was accepted "much to my surprise," he says … Read more »

Posted October 17, 2009


Sandy Woodhouse Drayton '83
Vice President of Communications,The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research

When a former Bowdoin roommate hooked her up with a communications position at Time Inc., Sandy Drayton '83 was just pleased to have a full-time job. "I never thought it was a long-term thing," she says, "but I ended up settling in and being very happy there." In her 21 years with the company, Sandy oversaw public relations for several magazines including LIFE and Entertainment Weekly, which she spent 12 years developing into one of industry's most widely read publications … Read more »

Posted October 18, 2009


Brian Wedge '97

Brian Wedge ’97 was at high altitude when the first big break of his photography career presented itself. An experienced outdoorsman, the former Outing Club member was working in Tibet as a mountaineering instructor when he was asked to fill in for a fellow guide on a trip … Read more »

Posted June 08, 2007


Leonardo "Buckie" Buck '38
Retired Dentist, Golf Rules Official

Like his Florentine namesake, Dr. Leonardo Buck '38 is a true Renaissance man … Read more »

Posted June 08, 2007


Charlie Leighton '57
Executive Director, U.S. Sailing

Charlie Leighton '57 has fond memories of his first venture as an entrepreneur. After arriving at Bowdoin to find that no sailing team existed, Charlie and three of his friends asked for permission from the College to start one on their own … Read more »

Posted June 08, 2007


Jan Pierson '74
President, Field Guides, Inc.

As a senior at Bowdoin, Jan Pierson '74 made a life-changing decision while flipping through the catalogue of courses. A biology major on a pre-med track, Jan “wanted to take something that didn’t require a test tube and a microscope.” He chose ornithology, a class that introduced him to his future career, and to his future wife, Liz … Read more »

Posted June 08, 2007


Susan Thornton '85
Deputy Director, Office of Chinese and Mongolian Affairs

For many Americans, the 2008 Summer Olympics was entertainment at its best, but for Susan Thornton '85, whose office serves as a hub for all official U.S. interactions with China, a bit more work was involved … Read more »

Posted June 08, 2007


Mark Waltz '89
Detective, Brunswick Police Department

Nearly two decades after graduating from Bowdoin, Mark Waltz '89 still shows up at the occasional off-campus party, but only if they're rowdy enough. When he does, it’s to tell students to quiet down, and Mark abstains from mentioning his alma mater, even though his relationship with the College is still going strong. During his junior year at Bowdoin, Mark "got bitten by the law enforcement bug" during a course in criminal law with Professor Richard Morgan … Read more »

Posted June 08, 2007


Julia Candice Clark '93
Collections manager, Abbe Museum, volunteer fire fighter

Julia Clark '93 had her career goals lined up at an early age. She spent her childhood decked out in a fireman's helmet and after entering fourth grade, decided she would be an archaeologist … Read more »

Posted June 08, 2007


Marcia Barinaga '77
Ranch owner, cheesemaker

Marcia Barinaga has worked as a molecular biologist, journalist, and now, as a rancher and cheesemaker. "I'm trying to use my biology degree in as many different ways as I can before I die," she jokes … Read more »

Posted October 17, 2009