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Dave Wilkinson '67
Director and Cameraman, Incredible Maine

Dave Wilkinson ’67 is a man with infinite interests and the guts to pursue every one of them. Dave has dabbled in music, photography, printmaking, even software development, and found success in nearly every genre … Read more »

Posted February 01, 2008

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John Foss '69
Captain and owner of the schooner American Eagle

Thirty-three years ago, while working summers in a boat yard, John Foss ’69 watched the tourist boats sail off on day trips and thought “who the heck would want to work on one of those things?” John would go on to become captain of just such a vessel, the 92-foot schooner American Eagle, which sails hundreds of visitors up and down the Maine coast every summer. Trips vary from three-day cruises to an eleven-day excursion to Canada’s Bay of Fundy. The schooner sleeps 26, and the crew serves hearty Down East style meals in the galley every night … Read more »

Posted February 01, 2008

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Bob Peixotto '77
Chief Operations Officer, L.L. Bean; Board Chair of Maine Huts and Trails

Every summer, tourists take over the Maine coast, transforming small towns like Boothbay and Bar Harbor into bustling vacation meccas. While it’s no wonder that people are drawn to the magnificent rocky beaches and ocean views, it’s still surprising to find so much backwoods splendor that remains underappreciated by today’s Maine’s travelers. Bob Peixotto ’77 and the non-profit Maine Huts and Trails organization hope to change all that by making Maine’s interior more accessible to the public and promoting environmentally friendly development … Read more »

Posted February 01, 2008

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Karen Mills Francis '82
Former County Court Judge and current star of the Judge Karen Show

I’ve always been a public servant,” says Karen Mills Francis ’82, better known as Judge Karen. “I’ve always cared about the underrepresented.” As a public defender for four years, Karen had more than a few bones to pick with her fellow men and women of the law … Read more »

Posted February 01, 2005

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Asaf Farashuddin '89
Vice President, Visteon Corporation

Asaf Farashuddin’s job as vice president of one of the country’s largest automotive component manufacturers may sound complex, but it revolves around a simple equation: revenue - cost = profit. “At the end of the day, it’s not rocket science,” he admits … Read more »

Posted February 01, 2005


Jennifer Black '92
Chief of Training, Defense Threat Reduction Agency - European Operations

When she was 17, Jennifer Black ’92 traveled to Russia for the first time and discovered in that “fascinating and alien place,” no one understood her language. So, she made a simple decision: “I thought, ’maybe I’ll just learn to talk to these people and then come back,’” she says with a laugh … Read more »

Posted February 01, 2005


Danielle Mailer '79

I’ve always been a fish out of water,” insists Danielle Mailer ’79. Difficult to believe when spoken by an artist recently featured in The New York Times and ARTnews magazine, and whose paintings have been flying off the walls of her latest show in New York … Read more »

Posted February 01, 2008


Geoff Flint '94
Founder and CEO of Custom Weather

As a kindergartener, Geoff Flint ’94 tracked the weather on a daily basis and informed the rest of his class that he was going to be a weatherman. By the time his college years rolled around, Geoff had worked out the prerequisites he needed for a career in meteorology. Bowdoin represented a new kind of weather for Geoff, who grew up outside Philadelphia but also lived briefly in Houston, Texas, where he was captivated by the tornadoes and hurricanes that blew through the area … Read more »

Posted February 01, 2008

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Alexandra Codina '00
Documentary Filmmaker

Alexandra Codina ’00 began her documentary project, Monica & David, in March 2005. Three years of filming and editing will produce a finished film of barely more than an hour … Read more »

Posted February 01, 2008


Kazia Jankowski '04
Co-founder, Peru Culinary Vacations

During her first trip to Peru, Kazia Jankowski ’04 did more than simply keep a journal and snap a few pictures; she wrote a guidebook. Traversing Peru’s diverse landscape with a only a backpack and her laptop, Kazia spoke with hundreds of local restaurant and hotel owners and fell in love with the idea of “experiencing culture through food.” As someone “always writing and thinking about food,” Kazia was impressed with the sophisticated flavors of local dishes and fascinated by the variety of foreign influences that are evident in Peruvian cuisine. The inspiration for a company offering culinary-themed vacations came to Kazia during a press trip for foreign journalists, where she attended sessions on food and drink led by some of Lima’s top chefs and restaurant owners … Read more »

Posted February 01, 2008