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Profiles: Geoff Flint '94


Geoff Flint '94
Founder and CEO of Custom Weather

As a kindergartener, Geoff Flint ’94 tracked the weather on a daily basis and informed the rest of his class that he was going to be a weatherman. By the time his college years rolled around, Geoff had worked out the prerequisites he needed for a career in meteorology.

Bowdoin represented a new kind of weather for Geoff, who grew up outside Philadelphia but also lived briefly in Houston, Texas, where he was captivated by the tornadoes and hurricanes that blew through the area. The snowstorms and cold temperatures in Brunswick appealed to Geoff ’s “fascination with extreme weather.”

In 1998, after receiving his master’s degree in atmospheric and oceanic sciences from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Geoff took a position with the forecasting company WeatherLabs Inc., which the Weather Channel acquired the next year. He founded his own company, CustomWeather, just a few years later. Today, CustomWeather is one of the top weather companies in the world, with three hundred corporate clients including Bloomberg, Reuters, and Vodafone.

Despite their impact on many people’s everyday lives, companies like CustomWeather often fly under the radar. “Most people don’t fully understand the industry,” Geoff points out, because so many customers use the products unknowingly. In fact, CustomWeather faces its stiffest competition in the United States, where better-known companies such as AccuWeather vie for clients.

In the next few years Geoff hopes to make the CustomWeather name brand universally recognizable brand. Most of the company’s products are now available in 45 languages and the company recently opened an office in India. Geoff continues to receive letters of encouragement from physics professor emeritus and friend Elroy O. LaCasce ’44, who shares his love of meteorology and gave Geoff “extra motivation to go to grad school.” Geoff also credits his undergraduate years for his success as an entrepreneur.“ The breadth of education at Bowdoin teaches you [how] to be a leader and everything else you need to know to run a company,” he says.“Now I’m doing something I love and enjoying every moment of it.” Visit CustomWeather.com.  

Originally published in Vol. 79, No. 2, Winter 2008 Bowdoin Magazine.

Posted February 01, 2008