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Rick Caras '71

After graduation, Rick Caras ’71 knew exactly what he didn’t want: more school. It’s not that he didn’t love Bowdoin, but after pulling all-nighters and living in dorms, Rick says, “I needed a break from studying and being a student.” This decision eliminated graduate school but didn’t provide many alternatives, and so Rick took to the streets … Read more »

Posted February 01, 2007

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Hilary Bernstein '02
First Grade Teacher, Achievement First

As her Bowdoin graduation approached, Hilary Bernstein ’02 watched many of her peers apply to various graduate schools in a whirlwind of standardized tests and personal statements. Surrounded by so many students driving toward highpaying, professional careers, Hilary admits, “I felt like I was supposed to be a doctor or a lawyer.” Nevertheless, she decided to join Teach for America, and, luckily for hundreds of students, never looked back … Read more »

Posted February 01, 2007


Dora Anne Mills '82 M.D., M.P.H., FAAP
Public Health Director, State of Maine

by Alix Roy ’07 Of all the public health directors across the country, Dora Anne Mills ’82 is perhaps the only one who can greet you in English or Russian, whichever you prefer. In fact, during her first year at Bowdoin, Dora concentrated almost entirely on Russian studies and had no plans for a medical career … Read more »

Posted February 01, 2007


Heather Park '02

by Alix Roy ’07   If you shop at Old Navy, you might have already heard the soulful lyrics of “The Life,” Heather Park’s first single off her 2005 debut album, Dream in Pictures. The album took Heather’s music to more than just the shopping mall, and over the past two years the young singer has performed at college campuses and music venues all over the world … Read more »

Posted February 01, 2007


Sara Gagne-Holmes '91
Executive Director of Maine Equal Justice Partners

by Alix Roy ’07 “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.  For Sara Gagné-Holmes, the newly appointed executive director of the Maine Equal Justice Partners (MEJP), working as a lawyer is all about helping those in need.Through MEJP she is able to do just that, reaching out to Maine residents in need of health care, food assistance, shelter, and educational opportunities. A native Mainer herself, Sara has long been aware of the issues for a state in which 72,000 people are uninsured and 30% of the population is considered low-income. Growing up in a middle-class household with five siblings, Sara was the first in her immediate family to attend college and recalls her mother’s struggle with health care and other issues … Read more »

Posted February 01, 2007

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Marcus Giamatti '84
Actor, Musician

Marcus Giamatti ’84 blames Bowdoin for his choice of professions. “They said ‘do what you love;’ they encouraged it!” he says of the mantra that has become a trademark of liberal arts institutions … Read more »

Posted February 01, 2007

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Paul Todd '58
Chief Scientist for Techshot, Inc.

At age 18, while his classmates planned their weekends “and complained about the Maine weather,” Paul Todd ’58 (a native Mainer) attended a guest lecture by Robert Brent, after which he decided to become a biophysicist. His decision was a slight deflection from his original intent to become a chemical engineer since day one of his Bowdoin career; however, it did lead to a unique educational experience that included a physics degree from Bowdoin, botany and zoology classes at Harvard, and a bachelor of science degree in quantitative biology from MIT (1959).Thanks to the teaching efforts of Bowdoin Professor William “Doc” Root, Paul was able to skip an entire semester of physical chemistry at MIT … Read more »

Posted February 01, 2007

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Victor Fields '75
Jazz Musician

For all Victor Fields ’75 has accomplished in the music industry it is hard to believe that only a decade ago the talented jazz artist was a full-time businessman. But in fact, after graduating from Bowdoin with a political science degree,Victor made his way to the west coast to try his hand at insurance—and met with success … Read more »

Posted February 01, 2007


Matt Marolda '96
Founder and CEO of StratBridge, Inc.

If you’ve ever tried to buy a ticket to Fenway Park you know how expensive and hard to find these gems are.The current World Champions have sold out 400 consecutive games with seats averaging a $50 price tag and re-selling for more than $300 during the regular season. And yet the Red Sox are one of three New England teams to join the vast client base of StratBridge, Inc., which includes over 100 organizations, including the entire NBA and NHL, along with dozens of other profession sports franchises … Read more »

Posted February 01, 2007