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Kelly Kerney '02
Garners Big Attention for Debut Novel

In the ultra-competitive literary landscape, hundreds of debut novels are published each year to little fanfare. It's extraordinary for a new author to get one major review, let alone the string of significant acclamations tallied up for the first novel by Kelly Kerney '02 … Read more »

Posted September 14, 2006


Carl F. Barron '38

By Alix Roy ’07 If you’ve ever strolled through Central Square in Cambridge, Mass., chances are you have seen the Carl F. Barron Plaza, appropriately dedicated to the former owner of the square’s legendary Putnam Furniture store … Read more »

Posted February 01, 2006

Jordan Van Voast '81, Cynthia Neipris '79, Diana Fried '79

By Alix Roy ’07 In the wake of one of the most devastating natural disasters since the December 2004 tsunami, thousands of generous individuals nationwide have offered time, money, and supplies to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Deviating slightly from the traditional forms of aid, acupuncture has emerged as a popular method of treatment for disaster victims, and Acupuncturists Without Borders (AWB) is a program attempting to bring this healing practice to those in need … Read more »

Posted February 01, 2006


Catherine Roberts '87
Associate Professor of Mathematics at Holy Cross College, Editor of Natural Resource Modeling

By Alix Roy ’07 As all high school math teachers tell their students, math is all around us. Though most of us recognize that simple mathematics like addition, subtraction, and percentages are important in our everyday life, we don’t usually appreciate the higher levels of math that make many of our recreational endeavors possible … Read more »

Posted February 01, 2006

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Lynn Furick '04
Cowabunga! Art by Lynn Furick '04 Grazes Boston

This past summer, Boston was home to a herd of colorful, lifesized model cows decorated by artists for CowParade, a global art education and charitable fundraising project that benefits local charities in each of its host cities. Among the fiberglass bovines grazing the streets of Boston was “Rhinestone Cowboy,” a creation of artist Lynn Furick ’04. “I was motivated in large part by the opportunity to take on something huge,” Furick said regarding her decision to apply … Read more »

Posted February 01, 2006

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Mike Merenda '98, Dan Pollard '98, and José Ayerve '96
Cheating On Spouses Can be a Messy Management Affair

The popular MTV series The Hills recently featured music by Spouse, a band that includes Bowdoin alumni, José Ayerve ’96, Mike Merenda ’98 and Dan Pollard ’98, who each have fond memories of the band’s musical roots at the College. The group’s moniker is a shortened form of “Cheating on Spouses Can Be a Messy Management Affair,” which was the title of a psychology article that friend and fellow musician Alisha Goldblatt ’95 had been reading at a time in college when Ayerve was looking for a performing name. “Alisha, John Cowden ’95, and I played a couple of shows together before they graduated, and I remember Alisha suggesting that we abbreviate my stage name to Spouse,” José says. “We all became fast friends and started playing all the time, on campus and down in Portland,” recalls Merenda … Read more »

Posted February 01, 2006