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David Kirkland '03
Peace Corps Volunteer in Turkmenistan

“A British adventurer traveling through what is now Turkmenistan during the 19th Century once described the Kara Kum desert as the epitome of death…I thought it was an interesting comment because it left so much up to the imagination; just what exactly does death resemble? Yet now, in the middle of my second Turkmen winter and with the last Turkmen summer fresh in my memory, I can understand what that English explorer was talking about…” David Kirkland ’03, has become accustomed to the ups and downs of life in Turkmenistan, one of the fifteen former Soviet Republics and also one of the poorest, since his assignment began in the fall of 2003. Besides being tossed from one host-family to another, Kirkland has experienced the disheartening reality of Peace Corps work- it is what you make of it … Read more »

Posted October 02, 2005


Leslie Blickenstaff '94
Attorney, Co-Founder of the Patagonia Foundation

In 2002, after practicing as an employment lawyer for nearly five years, Leslie Blickenstaff ’94 took a time-out to reevaluate her life. While asking herself the typical self-revealing question, “Am I truly happy?”, she came to the realization that something was lacking … Read more »

Posted October 02, 2005


Jane Buchanan '96
Research Consultant for Human Rights Watch

All it took was a semester abroad to convince Jane Buchanan ’96, that Russia was a place worth learning about, worth exploring, and maybe even worthy of a career. After graduating Summa Cum Laude as a Russian Language/Environmental Studies coordinate major, Buchanan wasted no time, relocating to Siberia where she lived for a year and a half, before enrolling in John Hopkins University School for Advanced International Studies (SAIS) in 2000 … Read more »

Posted October 02, 2005


Esther Baker '97
Professional Choreographer and Dancer, Senegal, Africa

In ways such as the remodeling of Pickard Theatre, and the recent beginnings of the Walker Art Building renovation, Bowdoin has demonstrated its recognition of the arts as a necessary facet in liberal arts education. But in addition to merely providing funding for the many music and theatre groups on campus, Bowdoin encourages what Esther Baker ’97 calls, “the crossover,” between the arts and traditional academic subjects … Read more »

Posted October 02, 2005


Roger Tuveson '64
Retired History Teacher and Baseball Coach

Real athletes never let personal success compromise their love of the game. Of course with today’s high-paid sports stars relying on success to buy them their next contract, this may seem a tad idealistic; but for every Pedro Martinez making a hundred dollars a strike, there is another athlete who showed talent but chose a less glorified path of anonymity … Read more »

Posted October 02, 2005


Brad Sheridan '61 (1940-2005)
Former Math Teacher and Basketball Coach

It just so happens that two of New England’s most respected teacher/coaches were Bowdoin graduates, and best friends. Brad Sheridan ’61 was a few years ahead of close Roger Tuveson ’64, but the similarities between the two produced a lasting bond … Read more »

Posted October 02, 2005

Meighan E. Rogers '98
Public Health Prevention Specialist, Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Meighan Rogers '98 was recently appointed to assist the Center for Disease Control's (CDC) emergency operation team on the SARS outbreak. "[While working on the team,] I really gained an understanding and appreciation for how public health agencies at the state and federal level need to deal with the public and the media in order to make sure that they are safeguarding the public's health, while not causing widespread panic," she said … Read more »

Posted January 25, 2005

Larry Pope '67
Former United States Ambassador

In a letter to Bowdoin senior profiler Lauren Whaley, Larry Pope shares his chronology of career, politics, and life. The Bowdoin I attended from 1963-1967 was all male and dominated by the fraternity system. It's a better institution today … Read more »

Posted January 25, 2005


John Gould '31, H'68
Journalist and Novelist

On Sunday, August 31, 2003, John Gould died in Portland, Maine. Some weeks before, Bowdoin magazine's Sara Bodnar '03 had the pleasure to meet with John and interview him for this profile. According to John Gould '31, a good reporter always tells you "which leg was broken." At 15 John began churning out Freeport news for the Brunswick Record, and within a year he was sending his stories to the Boston Sunday Post … Read more »

Posted January 25, 2005