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One I Like: from Michele Gaillard

  • Michele Gaillard
  • Associate Director of Operations, Dining Service

Rueda Wine

My husband and I took a summer trip last year and tooled around the northeast corner of Spain in a VW van. It was one of our best vacations so far. As far as I'm concerned the area around Barcelona has everything I want: sophisticated cities, beautiful country, friendly people, great food, the sea, the mountains and jamon that can make you cry. On this trip I found a wine that was new to me. It's a crisp yet juicy white wine made with verdejo grapes from Rueda, which is an area northwest of Madrid. It was reasonably priced and we found ourselves ordering it everywhere. To my delight, it's available in various forms at our excellent wine sellers in Bath and Brunswick like Provisions, Tess's Market, and Now You're Cooking. My particular favorite is Cuevas de Castilla "Con Class" Rueda, which retails in the $10.00 range.

Posted February 25, 2010