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One I Like: from Timothy Diehl

  • Timothy Diehl
  • Director of Career Planning


I will use any five minutes I am given to promote the use of LinkedIn for professional networking among current Bowdoin students, Bowdoin alumni, parents and other professional colleagues. With over 60 million users world-wide, LinkedIn has quickly evolved into the go-to site for career networking and peer-to-peer advice. By setting up a free profile, you create a virtual resume of experiences and a real time reference/endorsement network. There is no better way to prepare for your first, or next, career step than to connect with professional peers in advance of when you are ready to make the move. As many positions are filled by the referral market, LinkedIn becomes an essential tool for exploring new companies and fields you may wish to join.

Bowdoin students are using LinkedIn as a dynamic platform to network with alumni and friends of the College. To foster this engagement, Bowdoin Career Planning recently launched a Bowdoin Career Advisory (BCAN) networking group on LinkedIn that has over 1,200 members and growing. In fact, many organizations you might belong to are likely to have a LinkedIn group. The beauty of LinkedIn, however, is that it greatly expands your reach beyond any one college or workplace affiliation. Creating a basic profile and accessing basic services are free, so there is no reason not to participate in this dynamic online community.

Posted May 27, 2010