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One I Like: from Michael Franz

  • Michael Franz
  • Assistant Professor of Government

Fantasy Baseball

I love Fantasy Baseball. The only problem is that I'm horrible at it. I've played in a regular Yahoo league for 10 years with a dozen or so friends from college. Every year, I obsess over my draft picks and spend far too much time looking for rookie sensations. Every year, my team underperforms, and I overreact and trade away good players. Two years ago, for example, I traded Alex Rodriquez straight up for Chone Figgins. Even a non-baseball fan knows this makes no sense. Who is Chone Figgins, after all? Needless to say, the trade did not work out well for me. This year, I’m shifting gears yet again. I recently downloaded off our league site the 10 years of statistical data relative to my league. This includes my yearly performance and the stats for each team in over 20 performance categories. I'm approaching the season from the data end, and not from the perspective of a baseball fan. Before the draft, I ranked performance categories that consistently predict our league's winner—and I drafted with that in mind. Will it work? Probably not. And I'll undoubtedly shift gears mid-season and revert to my "hunches" that have proved so misguided in the past. No matter what happens by seasons' end, though, I always have fun, and I always look forward to next season.

Posted April 14, 2010