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One I Like: from Marilyn Reizbaum

  • Marilyn Reizbaum
  • Professor of English

Jon Stewart

I like Jon Stewart. A lot. Of course I don't know him, but I admire, appreciate and thrive on his persona and performance. He is the absolutely marvelous combination of incisiveness, wittiness and goofiness. I love it. He is breathtakingly smart. He's human--that is, imperfect. But his percentages when it comes to being right or right on are pretty high. He's articulate and foul-mouthed in just the right measures. He has impeccable timing. He is a master parrier and hard to match on the riposte--en-garde. He's sassy, and fearless, while playing to type as the sissy. Mostly, he is funny like hell. Much of the time--I've been watching for years--he and The Daily Show are my nightly tonic, my antidote to the day, especially the political day. Finally, he is what I call a nice Jewish boy. His parents must have such naches (not nachos). I refuse to explain. Consult JS's Yiddish glossary. He brings it.

Posted May 11, 2010