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One I Like: from Matt O'Donnell

  • Matt O'Donnell,
  • Bowdoin Magazine Associate Editor


I came across this site last spring when looking for help with my fitness nutrition and training and I've been hooked ever since. I mainly use The Daily Plate feature that helps me track the calories I consume and burn to keep me on target with my training goals. There's also an iPhone/iPod Touch app that I use to do the same. My wife gives me a hard time, thinking I'm a little compulsive about it, but using The Daily Plate improved my eating habits and helped me drop 10 pounds that I couldn't otherwise seem to shake. Most features on Livestrong.com like The Daily Plate are free, including additional helpful tools, and insightful articles and videos on a wide range of healthy lifestyle topics, as well as a social networking component. Livestrong, of course, is Lance Armstrong's brand, and Livestrong.com also contains resources for cancer patients, survivors, and their supporters. 

Posted December 08, 2009