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Bookshelf: Winter 2011


5 Fabulous Business Fables

Aesop's fables and business advice books collide in this collection of corporate fables by A. Hamilton Augenblecq and illustrated by James Lyon '68. Unlike typical business advice books that claim to have identified some magical number of steps or rules that guarantee success in all situations, the premise of these fables is that there are only more or less useful ways of thinking about business situations — temporarily. An e-book available in Apple's App Store. The Mobile Software House, 2010.


Bee School

This business fable by A. Hamilton Augenblecq and illustrated by James Lyon '68 is an entertaining and instructive look at the case method of teaching and the pros and cons of a graduate business education. It will be of particular interest and value to anyone considering — or currently pursing — an MBA degree. Available as an e-book for Kindles, Sony Readers, Nooks, Kobos and computers at Smashwords.com. Smashwords, 2010.


The Aspirant

Dave Wilkinson '67, the Emmy-nominated Director of the TV show incredibleMAINE, has published his first book, a novella. The Aspirant is "a touching tale of exile, paradox and renewal — from a lobster's point of view. It's a story for humans of all ages. Lobsters believe that Manna Ships full of food are sent from heavenly benefactors. Shortly after shedding his old shell, young Simon leaves the tribe to seek his own truth. Danger and desperation lead him to places he's never seen. With unexpected help Simon finds the knowledge he desires and finds a new life." (From the publisher.) Createspace, 2010.


Beyond Vengeance: A Tale of Obsession and Deception

In this novel by Norman Hubley ’51, "Steve Mason, a young trial lawyer, is hired by Gezar Kopt, a wealthy but enigmatic Israeli, to help hunt down Hans Molte, a former German officer wanted by Israel and hiding somewhere in Europe. The key to Mason's assignment is Molte's daughter Lisa Helms, a freelance writer in Paris who knows her father's whereabouts. Mason goes to Paris, meets Lisa and develops a relationship with her. The relationship deepens and Lisa takes Mason to meet her father. Mason senses that his assignment is not what Kopt led him to believe. It is too late. Mason discovers that the hunter is the prey. The story races to an unexpected ending deep inside a subterranean fortress of France's Maginot Line, preserved intact since World War II. There, in a violent climax, Mason finds that he, Lisa, Molte, and Kopt all share a dark secret from the past." (From the publisher.) PublishAmerica, 2010.


Brilliant: The Evolution of Artificial Light

So much of life as we know it — our long evening hours, our flexible working days, our feelings of safety at night — depends upon cheap, abundant light made possible by the incandescent bulb. And each century of painstaking progress in illumination has had its own drama. The 18th century's need for more and more light spurred a world-wide hunt for whale oil, while the 19th century race to build a viable electric light involved the work of many scientists throughout Europe and America. Today, as demands for energy efficiency compete with our desire for light, we find ourselves in the midst of a new race for the perfect energy efficient light of the future. And as the grave consequences of light pollution become more and more evident, we are faced with the question: how much light is too much? When you read Brilliant you'll not only gain insight into the history of artificial light, you'll find that the surprising, complex story of our illumination is also the story of our evolving modern selves. By Jane Brox, recent adjunct English lecturer and Coastal Studies Center Scholar. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2010.

Brilliant named to 'The Top 10 of Everything 2010'

6Cptn-Mac-cover copy.jpg

Captain Mac: The Life of Donald Baxter MacMillan, Arctic Explorer

Based on extensive interviews and primary sources, this authoritative profile retraces the career of dedicated Arctic explorer Donald MacMillan, Bowdoin 1898. Macmillan’s career began on a high note, accompanying Robert Peary, Bowdoin 1877, on the renowned polar expedition of 1908–09, and continued with regular scientific and exploratory voyages, overland journeys, and flights until 1957. Further, “Captain Mac” left a huge archive of museum specimens, films, and photos—selections drawn from the latter appear on nearly every page. Later in life, MacMillan capitalized on his celebrity status both to establish schools and health facilities for indigenous peoples and to champion Peary's claim to the pole. By Mary Morton Cowan. Boyds Mills Press, 2010.


Decline of Fishes

Set in the historic fishing port of Gloucester, Massachusetts during the summer of 1993, Decline of Fishes depicts the battle, led by an intrepid group of local citizens, to prevent the construction of a shopping mall on the last remaining parcel of the city’s harbor front. The mall’s promoters claim that with Gloucester’s fishing industry threatening collapse, the harbor should be redeveloped as a tourist attraction, while the opponents wage a pitched battle to convince their community that, instead of providing jobs and taxes for the city, the shopping mall will pave the way, literally, for this proud, gritty fishing port’s extinction.  The novel dramatizes a choice faced by cities and towns across America: whether to stay true to their historical selves or sell out to the highest bidder. By Peter Anastas ’59. Back Shore Press, 2010


How to Unspoil Your Child Fast: A Speedy, Complete Guide to Contented Children and Happy Parents

Nearly 95 percent of parents think their own children are overindulged. But there is hope! A spoiled, indulged child can be unspoiled. Her is an easy and enjoyable read that shows how to get started today raising children who are contented, grateful, fulfilled, and spoiled no more! Dr. Richard Bromfield ’74, a clinical instructor in psychology at Harvard Medical School, outlines concrete tips and strategies to quickly reverse the effects of overindulgent and spoiled parenting while instilling character and self-reliance in kids before it’s too late. By revealing the strategies that have worked for other parents, Dr. Bromfield has created a method of unspoiling that’s simple, straightforward, and doable. Sourcebooks, 2010.


Hurry McMurry: W. N. “Neil” McMurry, Wyoming Entrepreneur

Ann Chambers ’82 Noble has recently published her third book, the biography of one of Wyoming’s best-known businessmen and philanthropists W. N. “Neil” McMurry. McMurry spent decades constructing highways as a partner in the Rissler and McMurry Company, played a central role in the successful drilling for natural gas in the Jonah Field and Pinedale Anticline, and worked toward the development of numerous enterprises such as the McMurry Business Park in Casper. Perhaps the most important aspect of McMurry’s story, though, is the means of his succeeded: his honest business practices. His handshake and his word have been better than any written contract. As we struggle with the fallout from one of our nation’s worst recessions, brought on by unethical business dealings, it is refreshing to read about those who have achieved their goals with their characters intact: Neil McMurry is proof that it can be done.  The hardcover book, edited by by Dari Ramler ’88 Quirk, is now available from Amazon.com and from www.HurryMcMurry.com. VLM Publishing LLC, 2010.


I Cannot Tell a Lie at George Washington Elementary

In his novel for kids, Bowdoin Assistant Director of Stewardship Programs/Writer Jim Adolf answers the question: What's in the water at George Washington Elementary School?  It's sodium pentothal — more commonly known as "truth serum" — spilled from a truck that crashed into the town reservoir on its way to the police station.  Now everyone at school can't help telling the truth.  Adolf's comic novel explores other profound questions such as why the school's popular principal has gone missing, why Paul (the narrator) and his friends are wearing fur togas, and most importantly, why everything smells like rotten onions. CreateSpace, 2010.


Josh Parker and the Facets Project, Obey or Die

Something frightening is happening in Artificial Intelligence labs around the county: something CIA and the Pentagon have hidden until Boston University’s beloved poetry professor, Josh Parker stumbles upon a double murder at MIT’s secret Facets Project. A cryptic message, written in blood, and a single shoeprint launch the retired CIA analyst, Josh Parker on his way to Bariloche, Argentina in search of the killers only to discover the lethal Facets weapons are headed for Washington DC. With time running out, Parker finally discovers the secrets of the Facets Project and the identity of the killers. Obey or Die offers a frightening glimpse of terrorism where technology promises to replace bombs and bullets. By A J Cushner ’57. Parker Books, 2010.


The Magical Misadventures of Prunella Bogthistle

All Prunella wants is to be a proper bog-witch. Unfortunately, her curses tend to do more good than harm, and she hasn’t got a single stinking wart. When her mixed-up magics allow a sneaky thief to escape her grandmother’s garden, Prunella is cast out until she can prove herself. It’s hard enough being exiled to the decidedly un-magical Uplands, but traveling with the smugly charming young thief, Barnaby, is even worse. He’s determined to gain fame and fortune by recovering the missing Mirable Chalice. And to get what she wants, Prunella must help him. But what if the aspiring villain and the would-be hero are on the right quest... for the wrong reason? By Deva Fagan ’95. Henry Holt, 2010.


Managing Intercollegiate Athletics

Managing Intercollegiate Athletics was created to provide unique, relevant course material to enhance the preparation of future intercollegiate athletic managers. As authors with both academic and practitioner backgrounds, Dan Covell ’86 and Carol A.  Barr sought to combine relevant examples with solid theoretical concepts and important practitioner observations in a unified pedagogical textbook format. The text has been researched, written, and organized in such a way as to assist teachers and students to understand more completely the unique and dynamic factors that shape this significant segment of the American sport industry landscape. The book offers relevant information covering topics such as the history of college athletics; organizational structure and governance; the NCAA, member divisions and conferences; athletic department administration and finances; responsibilities and management of athletic directors and coaches and their staff; management of student-athletes including recruitment, compliance and enforcement, academic standards, and student-athlete well-being. Holcomb Hathaway, 2010.


Nietzsche’s Anti-Darwinism

Friedrich Nietzsche's complex connection to Charles Darwin has been much explored, and both scholarly and popular opinions have tended to assume a convergence in their thinking. In this cultural and academic study, Dirk Johnson ’85 challenges that assumption and takes seriously Nietzsche's own explicitly stated “anti-Darwinism.” He argues for the importance of Darwin for the development of Nietzsche's philosophy, but he places emphasis on the antagonistic character of their relationship and suggests that Nietzsche's mature critique against Darwin represents the key to understanding his broader (anti-)Darwinian position. Offering an original reinterpretation of the Genealogy of Morals, a text long considered sympathetic to Darwinian naturalism, Johnson proclaims the work Nietzsche's most sophisticated critique of both Darwin and his followers. Cambridge University Press, 2010.



From lyrical, American roots-inspired folk ballads to slow burning, chamber-pop rockers, Pearl by Bright Common features a spare but expansive sound that traces a wry path through friendship love, hope, and loss. Bright Common comprises Anthony Gatti, Lecturer in Art John Bisbee, Cassie Jones ’01, and A. LeRoy Greason Professor of Art Mark Wethli. Bright Common Music, 2010.

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Practitioner’s guide to Statistics and Lean Six Sigma For Process Improvement

Emphasizing applications and the implementation of data analyses as they relate to business management, this book introduces readers to the concepts and techniques for solving problems and improving managerial processes using Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma. Written by knowledgeable professionals working in the field today, the book offers thorough coverage of the statistical topics related to effective Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma practices, from sampling distributions to survey methods. The authors provide numerous opportunities for readers to test their understanding of the presented material, as the real data sets, which are incorporated into the treatment of each topic, can be easily worked with using Microsoft Office Excel®, Minitab®, MindPro®, or Oracle's Crystal Ball® software packages. Examples of successful, complete Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma projects are supplied in many chapters along with extensive exercises that range in level of complexity. By Mikel J. Harry, Prem S. Mann, Ofelia C. De Hodgins, Richard L. Hulbert, and Christopher J. Lacke ’88. Wiley & Sons, 2010.


Seventh Edition Introductory Statistics

When it comes to learning statistics, this introduction delivers the information that business professionals need in a new edition incorporating the most up-to-date methods and applications. Data integrated throughout the chapters come from a wide range of disciplines and media sources. Further, the volume’s unique "Decide for Yourself" feature helps business professionals explore real-world problems and solutions. By Prem S. Mann and Christopher J. Lacke ’88. John Wiley & Sons, 2010.


Shift: Let Go of Fear and Get Your Life in Gear

“Shift happens,” says psychologist and executive coach Dr. Jeffrey W. Hull ’81, “And we all need to get better at dealing with it. Life is not a straight line ramp up to nirvana, as some self-help books would have us believe.” Showing how to move through fear and accept change as something that happens for us and not to us, Shift is not another “quick fix, five steps to endless happiness” self-help book. With real-life case studies, useful diagnostics and down-to-earth practices, Dr. Hull— who is widely recognized as a pioneer in the field of leadership and high performance coaching — offers a vital guide for everyone grappling with and reeling from our turbulent times. GPP Press, Guilford CT, 2010.


Stay in Your Lane: Judge Karen’s Guide to Living Your Best Life

Judge Karen fans will recognize the phrase “Stay in Your Lane” as a favorite admonishment of former Miami Dade County Court Judge and star of TV’s syndicated show Judge Karen’s Court. Here, Karen Mills-Francis ’82 delivers a book guaranteed to inspire, delight, and motivate with the same brand of razor-sharp humor and wit she brings to the bench. Her stories are ripe with anecdotes that focus on everyday social issues such as being a good neighbor, cultivating positive relationships, knowing when to make a stand and when to walk away. As Judge Karen sees it, “I’m not the Wizard of Oz, but he and I certainly share one thing in common: We both know that we already have within us the power to find our direction when we’re lost.” One World/Ballantine, 2010. 

Judge Karen's Court TV website


The Teacher’s Toolkit

The collaboration of leading scholars in education, the six books in this boxed-set series (edited by Brad Olsen ’89) showcase the most successful teaching practices backed by research and experience in the classroom. The Teacher’s Toolkit makes current, cutting-edge research and theory available for practical use by educators while broadening a general understanding of the landscape of contemporary education through examples, case studies, and current debate. Readers will find resource tools alongside critical topics, focus points, and classroom advice. Olsen, who is an Assistant Professor of Education at the University of California Santa Cruz, has worked as a high school English teacher, school administrator, and teacher educator. Paradigm Publishers, 2010.


The Tin Ticket: The Heroic Journey of Australia’s Convict Women

Historian Deborah J. Swiss ’74 tells the heartbreaking, horrifying, and ultimately triumphant story of the women exiled from the British Isles and forced into slavery and savagery who created the most liberated society of their time. The Tin Ticket takes us to the dawn of the nineteenth century and into the lives of female Irish convicts in Australia. Ultimately, theirs becomes the story of women discarded by their homeland and forgotten by history, who, by sheer force of will, become the heart and soul of a new nation. Berkley Books, 2010.


Trespass: A History Of Uncommissioned Urban Art

Made in collaboration with featured artists, Trespass examines the ascent and extent of graffiti and urban art, tracing key figures, events and movements of self-expression in the city's social space. Trespass is a history of urban reclamation, protest, and illicit performance, a book that features key works by 150 artists and connects four generations of visionary outlaws including Jean Tinguely, Spencer Tunick, Keith Haring, Os Gemeos, Jenny Holzer, Barry McGee, Gordon Matta-Clark, Shepard Fairey, Blu, Billboard Liberation Front, Guerrilla Girls and Banksy, among others. It also includes dozens of previously unpublished photographs of long-lost works and legendary, ephemeral urban artworks. By Carlo McCormick, Marc Schiller, and Sara Schiller ’92, edited by Ethel Seno. Taschen, 2010.


Venison: a poem

Thorpe Moeckel ’93 meditates on the modern hunt in a prayer for his prey that becomes a book-length poem. The hunter-poet chases down the origins of his mysterious game: he hungrily stalks its guilt and satisfaction, earnestly seeking the marrow of life. Moeckel, a recent NEA recipient, teaches at Hollins University and is the author of two books of poems, Odd Botany and Making a Map of the River. Etruscan Press, 2009.

More: Listen to Moeckel read his poems



Rescue, a novel by George V. Packard ’54 is now available as a Kindle Edition. "Should you risk your life to save the life of another man?...This dramatic search and rescue story is authentic in every detail," based on Packard's own experience in a life-and-death nighttime rescue, "for which he was awarded a Commandant's Commendation for 'heroism at sea.'" (From the publisher.) Amazon Digital Services, 2010.


Modernity: Satirical Portraits of Modern Age Icons

Modernity: Satirical Portraits of Modern Age Icons by George V. Packard ’54 is now available as a Kindle Edition. "A collection of short satirical 'interviews' with the great icons of the Modern Age...Joyce, Schönberg, Wittgenstein and more. Modernity takes a backward look at some of these figures and the concepts that made us the way we are." (From the publisher.) Amazon Digital Services, 2010.


That Grail Song, Sam, One More Time

That Grail Song, Sam, One More Time by George V. Packard ’54, now available as a Kindle Edition, "is an odyssey of friendship — and incidentally, love. The friends are George and Tim and they're in a 'helluva' situation all because of Sally — Sally with the white dress and the malapropisms and the father who hates Tom and everyone else and still hates F.D.R. Making off with fire trucks and blowing up toilets as schoolboys is nothing to what they set out to do now — steal Sally from a castle in Poughkeepsie, otherwise known as a girls' school." (From the publisher.) Amazon Digital Services, 2010.


The Praise of Folly: A Rhymed English Verse Version of the Original Latin Prose

"By his own account, Desiderius Erasmus, a Dutch monk and scholar, wrote his 1509 Latin prose masterpiece, The Praise of Folly, 'in seven days, more or less' while a guest at the London home of his friend and fellow humanist, Sir Thomas More. Friends with whom Erasmus shared his manuscript arranged its publication in Paris in 1511 in an unauthorized edition. Erasmus, surprised but pleased by the immediate popularity of the work, revised it seven times, with thirty-six editions appearing during his lifetime. The Praise of Folly is a transcript of a lecture delivered in a university hall to an audience of scholars. The lecturer is the goddess Folly, a persona invented by Erasmus. Folly has chosen herself as her subject. Her incongruous costume, a scholar's robe but the belled hat of a jester, suggests (correctly) that her words will be a mix of the serious with the hilarious. Throughout the lecture, she makes her case that foolishness, not rational thought, benefits mankind more. Readers will note that most of the human foibles discussed by Folly remain with us today. This version of The Praise of Folly, the first in verse, by Latin scholar Charles Packard '57, was written to commemorate the 500th anniversary of this enduring work's creation"(From the publisher.) iUniverse, 2009.


Find Your Perfect Job: The Inside Guide for Young Professionals is a new career guide that helps recent college grads and young professionals beat the recession and land their dream job. Unlike most job-search books, "Find Your Perfect Job" is written by a fellow young professional and features valuable, real-world advice based on personal experience. The author has completed business school and law school and has succeeded in multiple careers in the business, legal, and academic worlds. Available now in the Bowdoin bookstore and on Amazon.com. For more information, visit www.PerfectJobBook.com.

27NatureStudy Nature-study-cover.png

Nature Study for the Whole Family

Introduce your children to the wonders and science of the natural world. Royal Fireworks Press, 2010.


The Maine Plate: Maine Vanity License Plates and Their Meanings

How often have you tried to decipher the meaning of a vanity license plate or wondered about the story behind it? The Maine Plate is a one-of-a-kind book with photos of more than 250 real Maine vanity license plates. Guess the meanings and then read the stories behind these hilarious, unique and sometimes heartfelt personalized plates. The book includes Maine anecdotes, trivia, matching and guessing games, specialty license plates and more. Makes a great gift, keepsake or road trip game. Fun for all ages. The first in a series. Upload your own license plate at www.themaineplate.com or www.facebook.com/platepoets/. Plate Poets Publishing, 2010.

29Tides-Fog-cover copy.png

Tides and Fog: Views from Kent Island

Evan Graff ’11 "shares the experience of living and working at a remote island field station in the Bay of Fundy through 160 pages of vivid black and white and color imagery. The Bowdoin Scientific Station on Kent Island is a place where a small group of scientists and artists work together to explore the wonders of this small stretch of land, immersed in tides, fog, and the ecosystem that surrounds them." (From the publisher.) Blurb.com, 2010.