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On the Air

Story posted October 11, 2009

Early each semester the staff of WBOR conducts the college radio equivalent of an open casting call: They invite anyone who’s interested – students, faculty, staff and community members – to apply for a DJ time slot, creating new generations of DJs that are keeping college radio very much alive.

Hawthorne's Dr. Cacaphodel as imagined by illustrator Jennifer Dubord.

Professor Dearest?

Story posted October 11, 2009

English professor William Watterson and Kristina Dahmann ’10 connect the dots between Parker Cleaveland, noted mineralogist and eccentric early-nineteenth century Bowdoin professor, and Nathaniel Hawthorne’s character Dr. Cacaphodel in Hawthorne’s short story “The Great Carbuncle.”

Joe Tecce '55

Not Your Average Joe

Story posted October 10, 2009

Want to learn how to predict the winner of a presidential elextion just by watching the eyes of each candidate? Ask Joe Tecce '55. Curious about whether Roger Clemens told the truth about whether he used steroids? Joe has his number. Seeking ways to ease the stress in your life? Joe's your man.

(Left to right) Jessie Small ’11, Michaela Calnan ’11, Ella Curren ’12

Field Hockey's Big Picture

Story posted October 10, 2009

In 2007, the Bowdoin field hockey team went a perfect 20-0 in winning the College’s first national championship of any kind. A tough act to follow. In 2008, the team went 19-2 en route to a second national championship. Yet there is a sense in which athletic success is about more than victory, bigger than any one season, and in which field hockey can be more than a game.

"The Ledge" After 50 Years

Story posted October 10, 2009

Fifty years ago, a short story by Bowdoin professor Lawrence Sargent Hall ’36 won a prestigious O. Henry Award. On the golden anniversary of the story’s publication, author Anthony Doerr ’95 and novelist Margot Livesey comment on the staying power of “The Ledge.”

The Bowdoin Book of Quotations

Story posted February 24, 2009

A world-recognized authority on quotations and on reference in general, Fred R. Shapiro is associate librarian and lecturer in legal research at Yale Law School. In compiling his recent Yale Book of Quotations, he encountered many of Bowdoin’s most illustrious—and eloquent—graduates.

The Education of Dr. Jonathan Martin

Story posted February 24, 2009

Jonathan Martin ’92, now a member of the department of neurosurgery at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, tells writer Mel Allen the harrowing and inspiring story of his military service as a neurosurgeon in Iraq and how it changed him.

Bears in Vacationland

Story posted February 10, 2009

Planning a trip to Maine this year? While most alumni live outside of this beautiful state, there are many Bowdoin graduates who make a living sharing Maine’s attractions with others—in fact, you could plan a vacation just staying (and eating) with fellow Polar Bears. Writer Ed Beem outlines a few stops you might make on your way.

Northward Over the Great Ice

Story posted February 10, 2009

On April 6, the Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum will celebrate the centennial of Commander Robert E. Peary’s attainment of the North Pole. Ed Beem puts the 1909 journey into context and talks to some of Bowdoin’s current faculty to explain why the race is still on, and what’s at stake.