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Winter 2011

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Winter 2011

Africana Studies: A World Dialogue, A Campus Conversation

By Selby Frame
Photographs by Brian Wedge '97

Bowdoin's Africana Studies program is fast becoming a major crossroads for some of the most innovative inter-discipinary teaching and research at the College. Selby Frame talks to faculty and students about the program, its history, and its influences.

A Downeast Huck Finn?

By Professor William Watterson and Devon Shapiro '13
Illustrations by Chelée Ross '12

Professor Watterson and student Devon Shapiro debate the veracity of a purported early first diary of Nathaniel Hawthorne's.

Moments in the Game

Photographs by Brian Wedge '97
A photographic look back at the third national championship for field hockey and the first appearance in the Final Four for men’s soccer.

Posted March 23, 2011