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Winter 2009

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Winter 2009

Northward Over the Great Ice

By Edgar Allen Beem
On April 6, the Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum will celebrate the centennial of Commander Robert E. Peary’s attainment of the North Pole. Ed Beem puts the 1909 journey into context and talks to some of Bowdoin’s current faculty to explain why the race is still on, and what’s at stake.

The Education of Dr. Jonathan Martin

By Mel Allen
Jonathan Martin ’92, now a member of the department of neurosurgery at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, tells writer Mel Allen the harrowing and inspiring story of his military service as a neurosurgeon in Iraq and how it changed him.

The Bowdoin Book of Quotations

By Fred Shapiro
A world-recognized authority on quotations and on reference in general, Fred R. Shapiro is associate librarian and lecturer in legal research at Yale Law School. In compiling his recent Yale Book of Quotations, he encountered many of Bowdoin’s most illustrious—and eloquent—graduates.

Bears in Vacationland

By Edgar Allen Beem
Photographs by Michele Stapleton

Planning a trip to Maine this year? While most alumni live outside of this beautiful state, there are many Bowdoin graduates who make a living sharing Maine’s attractions with others—in fact, you could plan a vacation just staying (and eating) with fellow Polar Bears. Writer Ed Beem outlines a few stops you might make on your way.

Posted March 02, 2009