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Summer 2008

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Summer 2008
  • Taking a Break for Service: Bowdoin students travel to Harlem to help.
  • Getting Green with Bowdoin Alumni Much has been written about the College putting sustainability into every day practices, but there are huge numbers of alumni who do the same in their own work and home lives. Here's a sampling.
  • The Evolution of an Economist: Adams-Catlin Professor of Economics David Vail has described himself as "moving inexorably toward retirement" after a long career teaching and doing research at Bowdoin.
  • Team Building in the Woods: Follow Bowdoin's cheerleading squad into the woods for a weekend of reflection and team-building.
  • Web Exclusive: Full Interview with Rich Maggiotto '96, founder and CEO of Zinio.
  • Web Exclusive: Full Q&A with poet and essayist Thorpe Moeckel '93, including additional audio of the author reading poems from his new collection.
  • Web Exclusive: More of Music Professor Vineet Shende's "Three Longfellow Poems" composition.
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Posted February 24, 2009