Definitions of Evaluation Ratings

Ratings for Essential Functions

  • Exceptional Performance -Contributions have tremendous and consistently positive impact and value to the department and to the organization.  May be unique, often one-time achievements that measurably improve progress toward organizational goals.  Easily recognized as a top performed compared to peers.  Viewed as an excellent resource for providing training, guidance, and support to others.  Demonstrates high level capabilities and proactively takes on higher levels of responsibility.

  • Exceeds Expectations - Consistently demonstrates high level of performance.  Consistently works toward overall objectives of the department and/or organization.  Demonstrates high levels of effort, effectiveness and judgment with limited or no supervision.  Achieves valuable accomplishments in several critical areas of the job.

  • Achieves Expectations - Consistently demonstrates effective performance.  Performance is reflective of a fully qualified and experienced individual in this position.  Viewed as someone who gets the job done and effectively prioritizes work.  Contributes to the overall objectives of the department and/or the organization.

  • Inconsistent Performance / Building Performance in Development - Working toward gaining proficiency.  Demonstrates satisfactory performance inconsistently.  Achieves some but not all goals and is acquiring necessary knowledge and skills.  This rating may be used for new employees when (s)he is still coming up to speed with their job duties as appropriate, based on his or her time in the position.

  • Not Meeting Expectations/Needs Improvement - The quality of performance is inadequate and shows little or no improvement.  Knowledge , skills, and abilities have not been demonstrated at appropriate levels.

Overall Performance Ratings

  • Successful - this rating should be awarded to employees who achieve or exceed expectations or one who is an exceptional performer.

  • Needs Improvement - employees whose performance is inconsistent, in development, or not meeting expectations at all should receive an overall rating of Needs Improvement.  Please consult Human Resources about the necessity of a Job in Jeopardy when an employee receives an overall performance rating of Needs Improvement.