Direct Deposit

Date: January 2008

Policy: Effective April 1, 2008, all non-student employees will be required to be paid via direct deposit for both payroll and accounts payable reimbursements. If you are not currently enrolled in direct deposit for your payroll check, you may sign up by utilizing HRforYou or submitting a Direct Deposit Authorization form to Human Resources, McLellan Building. No action is necessary to activate your accounts payable direct deposit as we will automatically transfer your payroll direct deposit information into our accounts payable system.

Casual employees working less than 6 weeks per year are not subject to this requirement.

Direct deposit provides a safe and convenient way to deposit funds into savings or checking accounts at any bank or credit union, in any city or state, as long as it can accept electronically transmitted funds. Currently, any employee can deposit a paycheck in up to six accounts, which may be savings and/or checking accounts. To activate direct deposit, an employee must complete and sign the "Authorization Agreement for Automatic Deposit" form. A voided check for a checking account or a deposit slip for a savings account must be attached to the form. Or if the employee has access to HRforYou self-service, he/she can electronically set up a direct deposit account.

Direct deposit takes two complete payroll cycles to become effective after the processing of the authorization form. For example, if an employee on the monthly payroll completes an agreement at the beginning of March, at the end of March, (s)he will receive a regular paycheck. The first paycheck to be deposited directly will be at the end of April. All employees may use HRforYou self-service to review their earnings statements/direct deposits each payday.

To change or cancel a direct deposit, a new "Authorization Agreement for Automatic Deposit" form must be completed, or the change may be made via HRforYou self-service. A cancellation of a direct deposit will become effective on the next paycheck.

Changes in account numbers or bank routing numbers will require the same processing time as initiating a new direct deposit (two complete payroll cycles). Changes which ONLY affect the dollar amounts of the direct deposit will become effective on the next paycheck.