Pre-Placement Physical Examinations

Date: January 2007

Policy: To insure that newly-hired or newly-transferred employees at the College are properly matched to the physical requirements of the jobs for which they are hired, pre-placement physicals are required for certain jobs in some departments. Before a position is posted, the job description and physical requirements of the position are reviewed and a determination is made whether a physical is required.

The following departments have positions which require a pre-placement physical. Other positions not listed here, which have substantial physical requirements (e.g., lifting, pushing, pulling heavy loads, etc.), may also require pre-placement physicals.

Facilities Management (e.g., Groundskeepers, Housekeepers, Heating Plant Operators, Warehouse Assistants, etc.))
Dining Services (e.g., Dining Service Aides, Food Production Assistants, Meatcutters, etc.)
Security (Security Officers)
Athletics (all coaches)
IT Help Desk Services (e.g., A-V Specialists, IT personnel who deliver computer equipment, etc.)
Campus Services (e.g., Mail Carrier, Mail Room Supervisor, Lettershop Coordinator, etc.)
Bookstore Services (e.g., Bookstore Associates 
Health Center (e.g., Trainers)
Children's Center (e.g., all caregivers)

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that pre-placement physicals be completed after the job offer is made but prior to the start of work. This evaluation is based on the physical requirements and essential elements of the job and is intended to identify whether the prospective employee may perform these elements safely. If any problems are identified, a review of the job requirements and capacity for the employee to perform them will be organized by Human Resources. Documentation of results will be reviewed in Human Resources and placed in the employee's confidential medical and benefits file.