Pre-Placement Physical Examinations

Date: October 2016

Policy: Pre-placement physicals are required for positions on campus that have a physical requirement to the work. Employees hired into these positions (e.g. a new hire, transfer, or promotion) are screened for these physical requirements to identify whether they can perform these elements of the essential functions safely. The job requirements are based primarily on the managers informed assessment of the physical demands and essential functions of the position. In addition, a periodic review of the physical job requirements will be completed by an external organization (e.g. Orthopedic Associates) at the discretion and direction of human resources.

Before a position is posted, the job description and physical requirements of the position are reviewed by the hiring manager and a determination is made with human resources as to whether a pre-placement physical is required. Departments that have substantial physical requirements (e.g., lifting, pushing, pulling heavy loads, etc.), may require pre-placement physicals.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that pre-placement physicals be completed after a conditional job offer is made and prior to the start of work. If an individual does not satisfactorily pass the physical, a review of the job requirements and capacity for the employee to safely perform them with or without accommodation will be managed by Human Resources.