Leaving Employment

Date: May 2016

Policy: The College requests that support staff (hourly paid/non-exempt) give at least two (2) weeks’ notice to their supervisors before leaving employment. Administrative (salaried/exempt) employees are expected to notify supervisors at least four (4) weeks’ in advance of their last scheduled day of work. All resignations should be given in writing and once received the supervisor should begin the termination process in Workday, with the resignation letter attached.

The termination date is the last day on which an employee works. Therefore, the last day cannot be a vacation day or sick day with the rare exception of an employee who is on a formal leave of absence, in which case the termination date is the date that the leave is exhausted or expires.  

Vacation that is accrued and unused at the time of termination will be paid with the employee’s final paycheck. To ensure the timely and accurate payment of vacation, all time off and exception time prior to departure should be up to date and recorded in Workday.

All College property needs to be returned to the department supervisor prior to termination including:
Safety equipment excluding safety shoes, prescription items, etc. 
ID Card 
Family Athletic Facility User ID’s
Computer or hand held mobile devices (e.g., iPads, iPhones, etc.) with appropriate numeric code logins after deletion of any personal iTunes accounts.
Credit Card(s) 
Outstanding material from the College Library

The College supports those who use Bowdoin email accounts, however, once an employee leaves the College, his/her privileges end on the last day of work. The IT service desk will assist employees in setting up a new email account (e.g., gmail, hotmail, etc), migrating messages to the new account and setting up a forwarding message for 30 days.  Employees retiring with emeritus/a status may retain their Bowdoin email accounts.

Departing employees should update their home mailing address in Workday so important documents (e.g., W2 forms, etc.) will be received. Also upon departure all employees must have a forwarding address that is personal and may not use a College mailing address.

College provided benefits (health, dental, and vision insurance) will continue until the last day of the month in which an employee terminates. Continuation of benefits (COBRA) information will be forwarded to the employee’s home address on file at the time of termination, and will include the costs associated with continuation of health and dental coverage for up to 18 months if desired.

If you were a participant in the College retirement plan, or contributed to your own 403(b) supplemental retirement plan, you have the following options available to you upon termination:

  • Employees can leave their money in the Bowdoin College plan and continue to accrue tax-deferred earnings.
  • Employees may elect a tax-deferred rollover to an IRA at another institution.
  • Employees may elect to withdraw part or all of the funds (depending on the investment fund that was elected). There may be tax consequences and penalties associated with this option.

If you have questions about your retirement selections, please make an appointment with a member of the HR Benefits staff to discuss your options.

Your year-end tax forms will be mailed to the address on file at the time of termination, according to IRS schedules, in January. Please notify the College’s Human Resources department with any address change, to ensure timely receipt of tax documents.

If you would like to schedule an in person, voluntary, departure interview please contact HR at 725-3837.