Flex-Time and Reduced Schedules

Date: January 2007

Policy: Staff members will be notified of their work schedule by their supervisor. As staffing requirements allow, individual departments or supervisors may arrange for employees to have a work schedule that varies from the department's normal work hours, sometimes called flex-time. However, there are some positions that require employees to be at their jobs during regular hours. Any flexible schedule must be approved by the employee's supervisor and department head.

A flexible schedule may be established on a trial basis, or on a seasonal or ongoing basis. If the proposed and approved flex-time schedule proves problematic or unworkable (as determined by the supervisor and/or department head), the employee may be required to return to the regular schedule. An employee on a flexible schedule must still work the total number of hours assigned. For example, a 40 hours per week schedule cannot "flex" to 34 hours per week for one week and 37 hours per week the following week. All regular duties must be able to be carried out during the flexible schedule.

An employee may also request a reduced work schedule (fewer hours per week), either for a temporary period or on an ongoing basis. Voluntary schedule reductions must be approved by the supervisor and the department head. Proper documentation of resulting pay reductions must be provided by the department head to Human Resources and to the employee. If a temporary schedule reduction does not meet the needs of either the employee or the department, a return to the regular schedule is expected. If the schedule reduction is approved on an ongoing basis, the department head's approval is required to return to the original schedule.