Tuition Assistance Program

Date: March 2016

Policy: Bowdoin College offers full and part-time regular benefits eligible employees who are in good standing (overall successful performance evaluation) and have completed three years of continuous service the opportunity to participate in a tuition assistance program.  To be eligible for the fall semester benefit, the three years of service must be completed on or before September 1st and to be eligible for the spring semester benefit three years of service must be completed on or before January 1st.   An individual who is eligible for this benefit as an employee is not eligible for the Dependent Scholarship Benefit as well.  The College is also a participating employer in the Maine Employers’ Initiative of the Maine Development Foundation (MDF) -- a program that offers employees discounts at Member Colleges throughout Maine. 


This program is for eligible employees pursuing either: a first Associate's or Bachelor’s Degree; or have an Associate’s degree and are now enrolled in a program to continue their education and obtain a Bachelor’s degree with an accredited institution of higher education. A second associate or bachelor degree is not covered. If not yet matriculated, up to two classes may be submitted for reimbursement with the intention to enroll in a degree program. Some certificate programs leading toward career paths where specific degree programs are not available are eligible for reimbursement (i.e. culinary and information technology certificate programs). 

The course of study leading to a degree does not necessarily need to align with the employee’s current position or area of discipline at the College and can also be pursued simply for personal growth and development. Reimbursements will be for up to $500 per semester ($1,000 per year) toward tuition and course related fees, minus any scholarship monies received.  Travel expenses, books, and parking fees are not reimbursable.  Maximum benefit is for 8 semesters ($4,000).

Reimbursement for the course will be contingent upon:

1)      Approved Application for Tuition Assistance Reimbursement which must be completed in advance of taking any courses and requires Supervisor and Human Resources approval.  Any scheduling conflicts will need to be discussed and approved prior to registering for classes.  It is expected that, when possible, employees will attend classes outside their normal work hours.

2)      Successful completion of course with a minimum grade of C as verified through submission of official transcript or grade report.

3)      Submission of itemized bill & paid receipt.

For more information and resources please visit the Maine Development Foundation/Maine Employer’s Initiative website which is regularly updated to add new information and resources for those looking to pursue or continue their education. 


While Graduate programs are not eligible for financial assistance under this policy, Bowdoin College is a member institution of the MDF and employees can avail themselves of the discounts offered at other member institutions for Graduate level courses.