Personal Emergency Time

Date:  October 2013

All benefits-eligible administrative and support staff employees may use up to two days or 16 hours (pro-rated for part-time employees) of accrued sick time per calendar year for unforeseen personal emergencies. Just as with an absence for a personal illness, the employee must notify his/her supervisor in a timely manner regarding the need to use Personal Emergency Time.

Examples of personal emergencies include: furnace or hot water heater malfunction, unforseen auto repair or accident, or other unexpected household emergencies. Absences which would not qualify for personal emergency time include: time needed for automobile registration, mortgage closing, or shopping; a scheduled court appearance; or time needed for routine home/auto repairs or delivery of household items.

All employees are required to record these days appropriately as Personal Emergency Time on their time record. Should an employee have no accrued sick time available, he/she may substitute accrued vacation for the remaining part of the absence that would otherwise be unpaid. If sick and vacation time are exhausted, the Personal Emergency Time may be unpaid.